Show us Your Dog on National Dog Day

Whether you have a champion show dog with prestigious bloodlines, or you found your best furry friend at the local shelter, every dog is a dog worthy of love and attention. Show us your dog on National Dog Day and tell us why your dog is the best dog on Earth!

National Dog Day is August 26

National Dog Day takes place annually on August 26th. This holiday, also known as World Dog Day, International Dog Day and National Dog Appreciation Day, was founded to spread awareness about the dogs needing rescue each year. National Dog Day also recognizes how dogs enrich our lives — whether working as law enforcement partners, helping children and adults with disabilities, protecting us in the military or simply staying by our sides as the companions we know and love.

Dogs of all kinds bring unlimited love and trust to every relationship. Whereas humans live lives filled with work, friendships and family, dogs devote their lives entirely to us. The founders of National Dog Day believe dogs of all kinds deserve a safe, happy and “abuse-free” lifestyle.


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holistic pet care, havahart wireless, types of holistic treatments for pets

Natural care, health foods and holistic health are trending – which is great news for people – but what about your pets? Is a natural or holistic approach appropriate for them as well? Here at Havahart® Wireless, we decided to take a look at holistic pet care and what it means for you and for your dog!

Holistic Pet Care

Holistic pet care focuses on the overall or whole health of the animal taking into account dietary needs, emotional health, immune system support and pain management (such as for arthritis). For example; a veterinarian practicing holistic care may recommend an anti-inflammatory prescription with glucosamine- and chondroitin-rich foods or supplements and massage therapy to treat your senior pup’s arthritis.

Types of Alternative Medicine for Dogs

Alternative medicine is used by holistic vets to help your dog’s body heal itself before recommending other prescription medications. The focus here is on prevention and routine maintenance. You should always consult your veterinarian before starting a new diet for your dog, trying an herbal supplement or any of the following alternative treatments listed below.

holistic veterinary care, acupuncture for dogs, havahart wireless


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wireless dog fence, havahart wireless

With all of the dog fence options on the market, deciding which type of fence is right for you can be a bit confusing. There are traditional fences such as vinyl, wood and chain link; above-ground electric fences; underground fences and wireless fences for dogs. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of fencing options and estimated costs to help you decide.

Traditional Fences

Physical fences often combine beauty with practicality, however, dogs can find a way to dig under the fence, and some are even able to jump over fences as high as 8 feet.  Physical fences are often the most expensive forms of fencing, ranging from $2000 to $5000+ for a 1/3 acre property. If a traditional fence is in your future, be sure to check township and homeowner’s association rules and ordinances – sometimes physical fences are prohibited in an area or highly-regulated.

Above Ground Electric Fences (Typically Used for Exclusion Zones)

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what foods are toxic to dogs, what can I feed my dog

One of the more challenging aspects of training a dog is motivation. Of course, if the lack of motivation lies within the dog owner rather than the dog, not much can be done. Motivating the dog, on the other hand, can sometimes be as simple as finding the right treat.

Depending on the dog, discovering the reward based on their own likes and dislikes can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to find a treat that the dog likes, but you don’t want to stuff your dog with unhealthy treats. And you especially don’t want to select treats that could be toxic to the dog.

Toxic Foods

Quite a few different foods that humans eat on a regular basis will not be healthy for a dog. And some of the foods will be poisonous. The infographic below shows 10 of the most toxic foods for all pets, but some of the most dangerous chemicals for dogs in common foods include:

  • Alcohol. If you’re hosting a party, take special care that your dog is nowhere near the leftover alcoholic drinks. The
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