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One of the more challenging aspects of training a dog is motivation. Of course, if the lack of motivation lies within the dog owner rather than the dog, not much can be done. Motivating the dog, on the other hand, can sometimes be as simple as finding the right treat.

Depending on the dog, discovering the reward based on their own likes and dislikes can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to find a treat that the dog likes, but you don’t want to stuff your dog with unhealthy treats. And you especially don’t want to select treats that could be toxic to the dog.

Toxic Foods

Quite a few different foods that humans eat on a regular basis will not be healthy for a dog. And some of the foods will be poisonous. The infographic below shows 10 of the most toxic foods for all pets, but some of the most dangerous chemicals for dogs in common foods include:

  • Alcohol. If you’re hosting a party, take special care that your dog is nowhere near the leftover alcoholic drinks. The
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homemade dog food

Not all pet food is created equal. When it comes to your beloved pooch, you always want what’s best for him. Creating a nutritious and well-balanced diet is one of the first steps you can take to ensure your four-legged family member is as happy and as healthy as possible.

Traditional Commercial Dog Food

Since it was first created over a century ago, commercial dog food has been a popular option for pet owners around the world. After decades of success, it’s clear that it is very possible for your pooch to achieve a balanced diet by eating commercially-made dog food. When choosing a particular food, you should confirm that it is one made with nutritious ingredients. Just because the front of the bag or can says “created for a balanced diet,” doesn’t mean it is. Be sure to read the list of ingredients before you buy.

  • Kibble. Dry food, commonly referred to as kibble, is the most prominent type of food available for your dog. In addition to being one of the most economical varieties of food for dogs, it also lasts for a
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Dogs and Fireworks: Tips from Havahart® Wireless

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, time to celebrate with barbecues, pool parties, picnics and….fireworks. If you have a pup who isn’t cool with loud sounds like thunder or fireworks, this happy day could prove to be filled with anxiety and fear for him. Don’t worry, Havahart® Wireless has a few tips to make sure you and your buddy can celebrate the holiday safely.

While some dogs handle the sounds of fireworks just fine, they can be a major source of distress for other dogs. The sound of fireworks is enough to cause some canines to cower under chairs, drool or whine excessively, or have a potty accident. An especially frightened dog could attempt to run away if not secured safely in the home.

If your dog doesn’t react well to loud noises, your best bet is to leave him at home and attend the Fourth of July fireworks show without him. Taking a dog to a community fireworks event – especially if you’re unsure of how he’ll react – is never a good idea. Remember, his ears are far more sensitive … Read Entire Post

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs, Havahart Wireless, dogs

The dog days of summer have arrived! You’re all set to start adventuring with your pooch and spending more time outside doing things you’ll both love. Here at Havahart® Wireless, we want you to have an excellent summer with your pal! So, before you head out, double-check our list of lesser-known summer safety tips for your dog.

Lawn & Garden Hazards: Many chemical fertilizers, weed-killers and plants are dangerous to your dog. If he goes outside to play, these chemicals can get onto paws or he could even eat them. Be sure to read your labels, and if you must use these types of products, be sure that your dog can’t get into them. Certain plants may also be harmful if ingested by your dog. If you fear your dog has gotten into something that is potentially dangerous, call the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center at 888- 426-4435.

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When Good Walks Go Bad: Going for a walk might just be your dog’s favorite thing ever, but if you walk around your neighborhood on the pavement or asphalt you might consider taking a leafier … Read Entire Post

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