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The dog days of summer have arrived! You’re all set to start adventuring with your pooch and spending more time outside doing things you’ll both love. Here at Havahart® Wireless, we want you to have an excellent summer with your pal! So, before you head out, double-check our list of lesser-known summer safety tips for your dog.

Lawn & Garden Hazards: Many chemical fertilizers, weed-killers and plants are dangerous to your dog. If he goes outside to play, these chemicals can get onto paws or he could even eat them. Be sure to read your labels, and if you must use these types of products, be sure that your dog can’t get into them. Certain plants may also be harmful if ingested by your dog. If you fear your dog has gotten into something that is potentially dangerous, call the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center at 888- 426-4435.

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Pros & Cons of Wireless Dog Fences

There are a plethora of containment options for your dog, and if you’re in the market for a wireless or underground system it’s likely you are overwhelmed with choices. One of the best ways to determine an option for your dog is to weigh the pros and cons for each particular system. Here at Havahart® Wireless, dog containment is our expertise, so we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for wireless dog fences to help you in your decision-making process.

Pros of Wireless Dog Fences

  1. Aesthetics – There are no physical barriers with a wireless fence, meaning it won’t change the look and layout of your landscaping.
  2. Expense – The average cost to install a physical fence is $2,388 according to ImproveNet, while the cost of a wireless dog fence ranges from $399 to $999.
  3. Portable – If a move is in your future, a wireless fence can be taken along and reinstalled at your new home!
  4. Exclusion zones – A downside of most wireless fence systems is that you can’t exclude an area that you don’t
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Top 10 Reasons Why Companies are Allowing Pets in the Workplace

The idea of bringing dogs into the workplace is becoming more and more common – which is exciting for all of us pet parents! Some companies allow it one day of year on June 24th – Bring Your Dog to Work Day. But if you’d like to bring your dog every day, you might need to do some negotiating.

If you’re workplace needs convincing – here are the top 10 reasons why many companies are opting to offer this great benefit to employees.

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Better communication amongst employees: In a larger company, you may not have the opportunity to talk to many of your coworkers on a regular basis – but if you or they are carting around a dog, an interaction is much more likely. Plus, with your support team there (your dog), you might feel a little less shy about striking up a conversation.


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Most dogs love car rides and taking your dog with you while running-errands is a great way to spend some extra quality time together. However, there will likely be occasions when you have to leave him alone inside the car. Many stores and other public buildings don’t allow dogs on the premises, so he’ll have to sit and wait by himself. Since you can’t leave the motor running and the air conditioning on, your dog will be left to endure the brutal summer heat. Unfortunately, a hot car can quickly turn into a death trap for any dog.

How Hot Can a Car’s Interior Get?

While many people realize that leaving a dog unattended in a car during periods of extreme heat is a bad idea, the practice can also be dangerous on a “cooler” day. When the temperature is a relatively comfortable 70° F, it can reach a scorching 104° F inside a hot car in less than 30 minutes. Cracking the windows or parking the car in a shaded area will have little impact on how quickly the temperature rises.

How Does the

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