When your dog has an anxiety problem, you’ll notice behaviors such as barking and whining, destructiveness and possibly a return to doing his business on your rug instead of in the backyard. Although your vet can treat your dog’s anxiety with medication, you may want an alternative. Pheromones may work for you.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals that aid nonverbal communication between members of a species. Your dog receives these chemical signals in a special organ located between the mouth and nose.

Pheromones cause a variety of responses, and certain pheromones relieve stress and calm the mind of your dog. Dog pheromone products are made with chemicals that mimic these natural stress relievers, and their purpose is to calm anxiety and stop unwanted behaviors. Dog pheromone products are available in a variety of different ways, such as plug-in diffusers, sprays, collars and wipes.

Identifying Anxiety and Its Causes in Your Dog

Several factors influence canine anxiety. Any one of them can result in excessive licking, barking, whining, chewing and excitable behavior that most dog owners dislike. In some cases, canine anxiety results from … Read Entire Post

create a pet safety net

You love your dog; he’s a part of your family. That’s why it can be so difficult to think clearly and rationally when something bad happens to him.

You want to jump in and save him, but do you know what to do?

From what to keep in a first aid kit to doggy CPR, here’s what you need to know to create a pet safety net.

How to Create A Pet Safety Net infographic

What to do when your dog eats something toxic

It’s common knowledge that chocolate can be deadly to dogs, but did you know that onions can be just as deadly? A quarter cup of onion is enough to make a 20-pound dog sick.

In the event that your dog eats either of these potentially fatal foods, you should call your vet immediately. If your vet approves, it may be a good idea to give your dog a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. However, do not do this without contacting your vet first.

Alternatively, administering a small amount of activated charcoal can also counteract the the harmful food.

However, it’s not just human food products that … Read Entire Post


Whether you have a champion show dog with prestigious bloodlines, or you found your best furry friend at the local shelter, every dog is a dog worthy of love and attention. Show us your dog on National Dog Day and tell us why your dog is the best dog on Earth!

National Dog Day

National Dog Day takes place annually on August 26th. Also known as World Dog Day, International Dog Day and National Dog Appreciation Day, the founders of National Dog Day wanted to spread awareness of the number of dogs needing rescue each year. National Dog Day also recognizes how dogs enrich our lives — whether working as a law enforcement partner, helping children and adults with disabilities, protecting us in the military or simply staying by our sides as the companions we know and love.

Dogs of all kinds bring unlimited love and trust to every relationship. Whereas humans live lives filled with work, friendships and family, dogs devote their lives entirely to us. The founders of National Dog Day believe dogs of all kinds deserve a safe, happy and … Read Entire Post


Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your dog to your favorite local café? If you’ve imagined yourself chatting with a friend while Fido lay at your feet as you sip an espresso, then it’s time to teach him suitable restaurant manners. After all, the last thing you need is Fido nabbing a sandwich off a dining neighbor’s plate or knocking down a patron with an excitable yelp. Practice these tips and enjoy an afternoon with your favorite furry friend.

The Basics Matter

Sit. Down. Stay. Quiet. These are basic manners that many dogs haven’t yet mastered. If yours is among them, keep him home until he’s ready to obey, and obey consistently. Remember that bringing your dog to a restaurant is a privilege — not a right. If your dog can’t sit still, and quietly, he will not be welcome in a restaurant, even an outdoor café. And if he will not come when called or jumps all over unsuspecting diners, you won’t be welcomed back.

These four basic commands form the cornerstone of dog training and they are easier to teach than you might … Read Entire Post

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