Do you remember the lice outbreaks in elementary school? The school nurse would come into the classroom and run a fine-tooth comb through everyone’s hair. Whoever it was who had lice would be treated like a piranha and would be sent home to endure smelly shampoo and more combing.
That is exactly how your pup feels when he gets fleas, except oftentimes, dogs are hyper-allergic to these infestations and they will itch until their hair falls out because they can’t tell you, “Hey mom, my head itches.” During the spring and summer months, be sure to look out for your pup’s itch so you can cure the fleas before they take over your dog and your house.

Where fleas come from

These small brown insects prefer temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees, and humidity levels of 75 to 85 percent, and unless you live in Alaska, you have a potential problem during spring and summer. The reason is: you are unable to create a protective bubble shielding your family and pets from germs and infestations. Unfortunately, because of this, any time your dog goes outside, …

Although dogs generally love going on car rides, they may not feel the same about a 12-hour car ride, or a 7-hour airplane flight in the undercarriage of the plane. Before moving with your dog, you need to understand that pets, much like humans, are not always comfortable with drastic changes. Think about all of the nerves and thought processes that went into moving, and then consider the fact that your pet wasn’t involved in these decisions. So, before moving into your dream home you need to consider three things: 1) How drastic is the change and how may it affect him emotionally? 2) Will he like the change and is it a good home for your pet, too? 3) How will he be transported and how will that change your game plan?

Packing the House

“Sit” and “Stay” may not sit so well when your packing up his favorite tug-o-war toy and his dog bowls. Your dog naturally prefers stability: knowing that you’re coming home, knowing that you’re going to feed him after your dinner and knowing that is “Cooper’s bed” are all important …

National Pet Month (April-May 5th)

Celebrate the “pawsitive” impact your pets have on your life during National Pet Month. Our companions are there for the good and bad days, for the rain, sun and snow ready to comfort and play. However, instead of going out and buying your dog a $4.2 Million tiara for your pooch celebrate by helping promote the benefits of pet ownership, increase public awareness of services available from professional service animals or volunteer at your local shelter to help people adopt their own best friend.

National Pet Day: April 11th

National Pet Day encourages the adoption of shelter animals over the purchase of pure-bred or exotic animals. National Pet Day isn’t all about adoption, since not everyone can adopt, but about gathering together to raise awareness and funds, as well as to promote adoption of the animals in need. Businesses and organizations can also help by participating in events, fundraisers and promotions.

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Sponsored by the American Red Cross, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month focuses on educating owners about the hazards that your pet faces …

It’s a nightmare come true, you’ve come home and there’s a hole in your fence or the gate is open and banging against the fence after being blown open. The heart wrenching panic begins to set in as you frantically check the back yard whistling and calling your dog’s name. An oppressing silence settles over your ears as they strain for any sound of claws clacking on the street or the panting of your best friend happily running back with a happy grin on their face seeing you home. But no, no claws, no panting; your dog has officially run away or become lost and is scared and alone.

Why do dogs run away?

Prey Instincts:
There are several triggers to cause a dog to run. Some have a prey instinct that causes them to chase squirrels, cats, birds, or other dogs. For some dogs it is so strong that they will dig under or climb over fences in order to continue their chase.
Environmental factors:
If the wind does manage to blow open a gate, the chances are it was a very strong wind …

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