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Wireless Fence Accessories, Havahart® Wireless Extra Training Flags, HW25FLAGPACK

Havahart® Wireless Extra Training Flags

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Training your dog with Havahart® Wireless Fences. These bright white flags make it easy for dogs to see during training. read full product details »  
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Havahart® Wireless Training Flags


Havahart® Wireless Training Flags are absolutely necessary to train your dog to your wireless fence.  25 flags per pack.  11" stem. 2.5" x 3.5" banner.  Lightweight flags insert easily into ground.  Bright white color and logo make it easy for dogs to see during training.


Witness the evolution of pet fencing. At Havahart® Wireless, we offer the most technologically advanced way to keep your dog safe that’s unmatched by other electric pet fencing options.



Havahart® Wireless—the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions.

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