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Wireless Fence Accessories, Havahart® Wireless Nylon Strap - 2 Pack, BHWDIYCOL

Havahart® Wireless Nylon Strap - 2 Pack

model #: BHWDIYCOL
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Replacing a damaged or ripped nylon strap for your Radial-Shape2 or Custom-Shape Wireless Collar. read full product details »  
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Havahart® Wireless Nylon Strap - 2 Pack


Did your Radial-Shape2 or Custom-Shape nylon strap get damaged and need to be replaced? This 2 pack nylon strap replacement kit provides you with the ability to replace straps on 2 collars or have one as a backup.



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What sets Havahart® Wireless apart from our competition is our dedication to service. Our Fence experts stand ready to answer your questions.

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