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Havahart® Wireless Nylon Strap - 2 Pack

model #: BHWDIYCOL

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Replacing a damaged or ripped nylon strap for your Radial-Shape2 or Custom-Shape Wireless Collar. read full product details »


2-Pack 1-Pack
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Havahart® Wireless Nylon Strap - 2 Pack

Looking for a replacement Strap for your Wireless Collar but do not want to purchase a whole new Collar? Our Do-It-Yourself Replacement Wireless Collar Strap allows you to replace the nylon Strap and still use the wireless transmitter of your existing Collar. This 2 Pack Nylon Strap Replacement Kit provides you with the ability to replace Straps on 2 Collars or have one as a backup.

The replacement Collar Strap fits collars which accommodate dogs with neck sizes from 14” to 26” and can be used with both the Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence or the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence.

The Strap is made of heavy-gauge nylon webbing with a ¾" snap buckle closure.


Not sure if you have a Waterproof or water-resistant Collar? Here’s how to tell the difference:


Average Dog Waterproof Collar Average Dog Water-resistant Collar
White "Lock" & "Unlock" icons near Battery Cap No "Lock" & "Unlock" icons near Battery Cap
Thinner antennas approximately 0.25" wide Thicker antennas approximately 0.75" wide




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