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New & Improved Waterproof Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Small Dog Collar Kit

model #: B5134GXSWP

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  • New & Improved with Stronger Collar tabs
  • Waterproof – can be completely submerged in water
  • Fits dogs with neck sizes from 12 to 17 inches
  • Rechargeable Collar Batteries
  • Two-way communication with Controller to keep your dog safe
  • 30-second safety time-out feature
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Small Dog Med - Large
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Waterproof Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless
Small Dog Collar Kit

The Next Generation of Wireless Pet Fencing

Setup is a Breeze

With the touch of a few buttons, the New & Improved Wireless Waterproof Small Dog Collar, which has been redesigned with stronger collar tabs,  can easily be paired to your System. Long or Short Probes (both included with your System) can be used, depending upon the thickness of your dog’s coat.

System Safety Features

The Collar is designed with a Safety Time-Out Feature that stops the correction cycle (a series of Static pulses) after 30 seconds. After the correction cycle times out, your dog will not be corrected for returning to the Roaming Area. Once your dog returns to the Roaming Area, the Collar will revert to its normal operating mode and correction will only occur if he again crosses the Fence Boundary.

The Collar uses one rechargeable Battery. Battery life depends on the activity level of your dog and the length of time the Collar is worn, but will typically last 1 to 3 days.  Because of the continuous communication between the Controller and Collar, if your dog is highly active and goes in and out of the trigger zone, the battery may need to be charged daily. Two Batteries come with the System, so you can always keep one Battery charged. The Wireless Small Dog Collar is made to fit neck sizes from 12" to 17"

The System will alert you inside your home if your dog has breached the Fence Boundary.

Havahart® Wireless—the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions
All About...


All About Training Your Dog

Proper training of your dog is the most crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence. Find below an interactive guide to facilitate the dog training process as well as instructions to guide you step-by-step. It is important that you follow the Instruction Manual and complete the entire training process without skipping any phase.


Interactive Guide

interactive guide to train your dog to use the havahart wireless  electric dog fence


Step-By-Step Instructions


For Best Results:

  • Keep your sessions short and frequent--approximately 10-15 minutes long, 2-3 times a day, for 3 weeks.

  • Be firm, consistent and patient.

  • End sessions with lots of playtime and praise.

  • And HAVE FUN!


Download Full Instructions





havahart radial shape wireless dog fence - calculate how many flags you needHow Many Flags Will You Need?


Use the interactive flag calculator to determine just the right number of flags that you need to create your Fence Boundary.


It will also provide you with the number of extra flag packs you will need to purchase should you require more than the 75 flags that are included with your Fence.


Interactive Flag Calculator»


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