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Wireless Fence Accessories, Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Extra Collar - Avg. Dog, 5134GX2

Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Extra Collar - Avg. Dog

model #: 5134GX2 | 5134GXC2
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The Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Collar works with the Radial-Shape or Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence systems. This system is designed to fit dogs with neck sizes from 14 - 26 inches. read full product details »  
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Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Extra Collar




The Next-Generation of Wireless Pet Fencing

Stretch the boundaries of wireless dog fencing with the next generation Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence--the industry's most advanced do-it-yourself, dog containment system that is easy to use and is economical. With over 10 new product updates and enhancements this is truly the newest generation of wireless pet fencing!

System: The upgraded software coupled with new engineered hardware creates a better quality, more reliable signal and response between the controller and the new universal collar. This enhanced digital communication through precision tuning allows for an easier and faster set up procedure for you…less than an hour for set up.

Collar: Enhancements have also been made to the water resistant Collar which include a new battery cap design that is flush with the battery housing, providing a more secure fit. The improved strap is made of heavy-gauge nylon webbing with a ¾ snap buckle closure. The collar fits neck sizes 14” to 26”.


Service: Coupled with these enhancements we have redesigned our Consumer Care team to be focused on you. The set-up is easier but we also want to be here if you need us, so our Consumer Care team is well prepared to help you. We have streamlined the process to help minimize your time on the phone. We can even set up an appointment time to walk you through the installation of your fence (some time restraints apply).



Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technologyThe Collar harnesses the next generation of wireless fencing technology. Patented antennas integrated into the rubberized collar strap provide a reliable path of constant communication to the Controller. This enables the System to track the real-time distance to your dog, alert you if your dog breaches the wireless electric fence boundary or if the Collar’s battery is low. Integrated Motion Sensor Technology allows the Collar to conserve battery life when your dog is not moving.


Collar Design

Collar-NylonThe water resistant Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Collar strap is made from heavy gauge nylon webbing that houses the patented antennas and has a sturdy snap buckle closure. The Collar fits dogs with neck sizes ranging from 14 to 26 inches. The Battery Cap has been designed to sit flush with the Battery housing and requires a coin to open or tighten the Cap. The total Collar weight is 4.2 ounces. The Radial-Shape 2 Wireless Fence system can accommodate up to 2 Collars.


Customizable Settings

customizable settings

 Using the Controller, the Collar can be programmed to tone only (auditory correction) or one of 5 different static correction levels depending upon the size, age and temperament of your dog. The default correction level is tone only. The Collar should not be on your dog for more than 12 consecutive hours.




Easy Set Up

easy set up

With the touch of a few buttons, the Collar can easily be paired to your System. Long or short Probes (included with your System) can be used depending upon the thickness of your dog’s coat.




Safety Features

safety featuresHavahart® Wireless created a wider Trigger Zone--6 to 13 feet--to keep your dog safe and away from danger. A wider Trigger Zone provides your dog with more time to be issued a correction, giving him the opportunity to turn back into the Roaming Area. When your dog reaches the Fence Boundary and continues into the Trigger Zone, the Controller sends a signal to the Collar to take corrective action, discouraging your dog from exiting the Fence Boundary. This two-way communication between the Controller and Collar helps to keep your dog within the confines of the Boundary you’ve set for him.


With a 30-second correction time-out included as a standard feature, Havahart Wireless has made the safety of your dog a top priority. With one Tone-Only and five different Static correction levels, you choose the correction level that works best for your dog and his temperament. If set to one of the five Static correction levels, your dog will experience a pulsing correction for a maximum duration of 30 seconds after crossing the Trigger Zone. If your dog returns to the Roaming Area prior to the 30-second time-out feature, he will cease being corrected. In addition, your dog will not be corrected when returning to the Roaming Area.





Havahart® Wireless—the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions


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All About...


All About Training Your Dog

Proper training of your dog is the most crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence. Find below an interactive guide to faciliate the dog training process as well as instructions to guide you step-by-step. It is important that you follow the instruction manual and complete the entire training process without skipping any phase.


Interactive Guide

interactive guide to train your dog to use the havahart wireless  electric dog fence


Step-By-Step Instructions


For Best Results:

  • Keep your sessions short and frequent--approximately  10-15 minutes long, 2-3 times a day.

  • Be firm, consistent and patient.

  • End sessions with lots of playtime and praise.

  • And HAVE FUN!


Download Full Instructions





havahart radial shape wireless dog fence - calculate how many flags you needHow Many Flags Will You Need?


Use the interactive flag calculator to determine just the right number of flags that you need to create your fence boundary.


It will also provide you with the number of extra flag packs you will need to purchase should you require more than the 75 flags that are included with your fence.


Interactive Flag Calculator»

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