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Radial-Shape Select Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence with Extra Collar - Small Dog

model #: B5134GSSEL

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 Largest Containment Area – up to 11 Acres
 New, Stronger Waterproof Collar with Rechargeable Batteries 
 Enhanced System Communication & Data Filtering
 Tighter, More Consistent Fence Boundary 
 In-Home Boundary Breach Alert 
 Easy Set Up -- No Need to Bury Wires  
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Average Dog System
w/ Extra Collar
Small Dog System
w/Extra Collar
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What Is It?

With Patented Interactive Technology, the Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence provides dog owners with a reliable and safe way to contain their pet. Exclusive 2-Way Communication and In Home Boundary Alert identifies where your dog is in the roaming area and alerts you if he has breached the boundary. Other built in safety features include: not correcting your dog for more than 30 seconds and no correction if he reenters the play area. 

Our roaming area is 20xs larger than any other fence on the market - Up to 11 Acres – lots of room to play for your dog, peace of mind for you. 

How Does It Work?

Once the Fence Boundary distance has been set on the Controller, from 40 to 400 feet, it will constantly communicate, multiple times per second, with your dog's Wireless Collar.  This enables the System to track the location of your dog within the Play Area. When your dog reaches the Trigger Zone, the Controller sends a command to the Collar to correct (either Tone-only or Static, based on the settings you have chosen). And, with our Exclusive In-Home Boundary Alert, you will know if the dog breaches the boundary. This System can contain up to two dogs and provides the flexibility to customize the correction level for each dog.  

Makes Containing Your Dog Safe & Easy

Our Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence makes containing your dog easy with no need to bury wires! The System enables you to create a circular Fence Boundary from 40 to 400 feet in all directions, to suit the size of your property and the area in which you want to allow your dog to roam. With easy setup, you can have your Wireless Fence up and running in generally an hour. Easy to Set Up, depending on your property size, generally takes about an hour. 
For best results, we recommend you follow the 3-week training program outlined in the Instruction Manual, so your dog has ample time to learn the Fence Boundary. 

Will It Work On My Property?


See real property examples here >>

What Our Customers are Saying! 

“The new Havahart Wireless fence fit our needs perfectly and allows our dogs to roam their area without going too far.” -Lovincountrylivin

“Bought the Radial Wireless to replace my existing wired system. So much simpler than the other. Easy to set up. Couldn't be happier.” -Bud B

“I would highly recommend to anyone with dogs.” -Dad429

System Safety Features

We value your dog’s safety. Before you purchase and use our wireless pet fence system, please read all of our important safety reminders.

Customized Correction

The System enables you to customize the level of correction for up to 2 collars. It is important to choose a level of correction that is suitable for the size, age and temperament of your dog(s). There are 6 different settings, including Tone-only (default) and 5 Static corrections.

Exclusive Boundary Breach Alerts

If your dog does breach the Fence Boundary, the Controller will issue an audible alert, notifying you inside your home that your dog has escaped.

Safety Time-Out

Havahart® Wireless Systems include a 30-second safety time-out feature, whereby the Wireless Collar issues a pulsing Tone or Static correction for no longer than 30 seconds after crossing the Trigger Zone. If your dog returns to the Play Area prior to the 30-second time-out, the correction will cease when he is back in the Area. Your dog will not be issued a correction for returning to the Play Area.

Improved Collar Features

For your dog's safety, it is vet-recommended that you not leave the Collar on your dog for longer than 12 consecutive hours.

Waterproof Collar

The waterproof collar included in this Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence System has new and improved tabs that are stronger to withstand everyday wear.  

Collar Strap and Fit

The collar is made from a heavy-gauge webbed nylon and the strap encloses the antennas. This collar also features newly improved collar tabs, were strengthened as part of a recent redesign. This dog collar fits neck sizes between 12 and 17 inches. The new and improved lightweight collar weighs just 1.76 ounces.


When in use, the collar operates on one rechargeable battery. The collar's battery life varies depending on the activity level of your dog and how long the collar is worn. A typical battery charge lasts 1 to 3 days. When a dog is highly active, the collar maintains continuous communication with the controller and this may require the battery to be charged every day. Two batteries come with the Radial-Shape Select Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence, which allows you to always have one battery on its charging station.

Questions & Answers

What's In The Box?

Radial Shape System

How Do I Set Up The Fence?

The Instruction Manual and Quick Setup Guide that come with your System will help with the installation of your Wireless Dog Fence. Setup generally takes an hour. First, you set the desired Fence Boundary distance on the digital Controller and the Collars are already added to the System. Set the customized correction level, based on your dog’s age, size and temperament on the Controller. Lastly, the Controller will alert you inside your home if your dog breaches the Fence Boundary, and it also displays the Collar Battery life.
For best results, we recommend you follow the 3-week training program outlined in the Instruction Manual, so your dog has ample time to learn the Fence Boundary. 

Set Up the Controller
Adjust the Collar Correction Level
Set Up the Fence Boundary / Training Flags
Fit the Collar to your dog
Train Your Dog To the Fence - 3 week program, 10-15 minutes daily

Total time = 1 hour, depending on property size.

Training Your Dog

Why Is Training Important?

Proper training is essential to ensure the successful operation of your wireless dog fence. Following the phases, from Preliminary to Phase 5, outlined in the Instructions Manual that comes with the System will help your dog understand and learn his new boundaries.

How Long Will Training Take?

Every dog is unique and may respond differently to training. Keep the training sessions short and frequent, approximately 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day, without skipping any phases. It is important to complete the entire training process. If you are training more than one dog, train each dog separately.

Training Phases

Preliminary Phase - Flat Awareness Training
Phase 1 - Passive Training (Day 1-3)
Phase 2 - Active Training (Day 4-7)
Phase 3 - On-Leash Training (Day 8-11)
Phase 4 - Off-Leash Supervision (Day 12-15)
Phase 5 - Dog Monitoring (Day 16 and beyond) 

interactive guide to train your dog to use the havahart wireless electric dog fence

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