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Wireless Dog Fences, Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless 2 Dog Fence System, B5144G

Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless 2 Dog Fence System

model #: B5144G
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Custom-Shape Wireless Fence Features

No wires, so no digging required
1st customizable Wireless Dog Fence in the industry
Largest Roaming Area on the market - up to 25 Acres
Wider Trigger Zone - 6-13 ft - keeps your dog safe
Only in-home Boundary Breach Alert on the market
Safety time-out features
Rechargeable Collar Batteries
Can be used for up to 2 dogs at once
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Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence

The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence is the first wireless fence
that allows you to create a fence boundary that contours to your property without digging. There is no other do-it-yourself dog fence system like it on the market!   Watch our short benefits video

Makes Containing 2 Dogs Easy

Do you have two dogs and looking to contain both dogs safely? Our Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence safely contains your dog's by allowing you to create a customizable boundary that you choose —up to 500 feet in any direction. Safety features can be found on the collar and the bases, such as a boundary breach alert and low battery monitoring that will provide optimal protection for your pet.

This System Includes Extra: Extra Collar, Batteries

Is Your Property Right for a Wireless Fence?

Since the signal is communicated wirelessly for this system, obstructions such as aluminum siding, dense trees, heavy landscaping and outbuildings interfere with the signal and prevent a consistent boundary from being established.
To ensure this system will work for you, watch the videos below or contact customer support for more information.

Property Challenges Video Wooded Lot Video Roadside Property Video Narrow Lot Video Minimal Landscaped Propery Video
Property Challenges   Wooded Lot/
Sloping Hills
Roadside Property   Narrow Lot   Minimal

Havahart® Wireless Customer Support

** Since the safety of your dog is our primary focus, one of our containment experts will call you prior to shipment to ensure this product is a right fit for your property type. If we feel this product will not provide your dog a safe containment area, we will recommend a product more suited for your property type. **



So How Does It Work?

Custom Fence Illustration

The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence employs technology used by NASA to create a 2-way communication between the bases and the dog's collar. This signal is communicated multiple times a second ensuring the system knows where your dog is at all times. Optimize your dog's freedom with the powerful capabilities of this revolutionary system.

The controller is used to add each base to the system. This allows the bases to begin communication with each other and establish their positions relative to one another. This enables you to create virtually any shape of wireless fence. With the controller in hand, walk around the property to record your fence boundary. The bases will track the controller when creating your boundary as well as any exclusion zones you would like to create.

Our Exclusive Technology After a collar had been added to the system and fitted to your dog, the bases will track the real-time location of your dog as he moves around in the roaming area. If your dog reaches the fence boundary or an exclusion area's trigger zone the system will send a command to the collar to take action and correct (tone or static – based on user settings.) Training your dog is key to have him understand where the fence boundary is located.

Each Custom System is able to contain up to 2 dogs at once. During the setup stage, you are able to define customized correction levels per dog.

Technology Video   Learn more about our exclusive technology  




Set Up Tools

The Instructional Manual, DVD, Quick Set Up Guide, Troubleshooting and Training Guide will aid you in the installation and use of your Custom-Shape Wireless Fence.
If you need help during the set up process our expert consumer care team is
available 7 days a week! – Call 1-800-800-1819 Ext. 453.


For best results in the use of the fence, we recommend following the training guide which will teach your dog to understand the boundary zones and containment area.

Features Exclusive to the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence

There is no other fence on the market that can provide these exclusive features. These features truly allow you and your dog to get the most of a wireless fence!

Exclusion Zones - This is a great tool to restrict your dog's access to certain areas in your yard. These areas might be a pool, garden or patio area and you can create up to 4 exclusion zones within your fence boundary. This allows your dog the freedom to roam in your yard, without needing to worry about him digging in your garden.

Each exclusion zone needs to be a minimum of 12 ft. by 12 ft. and must be at least 20 ft. from the fence boundary and bases.

Wireless Fence Tracker - The Wireless Fence Tracker is a Windows-based tool exclusive to the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence and allows you to see the location and shape of your wireless fence. It also allows you to see your dog's movement on your property.

The tracker can also serve as a troubleshooting tool aiding in the installation and testing of your fence boundary. The Wireless Fence Tracker is a Windows-based program and will work on computers with a high speed internet connection, current JavaScript drivers and the latest USB Drivers.

Access Fence Tracker 
Fence Tracker Help 



System Safety Features

Your dog's safety is our priority. Before you purchase and use our system, please make sure to read all of our important safety reminders to make sure you are comfortable adhering to the recommendations.

Customized Correction - You are able to customize the correction level of each collar. You can choose a correction that is suitable for the size, age, and temperament of both your dogs. There are 6 different settings, including tone only and 5 static corrections. The default correction level is tone only.

Wider Trigger Zone - Our engineers designed the trigger zone to be 6-13 feet wide and is located at the edge of the safe roaming area. This wider trigger zone was created to account for the your dog's temperament and how fast your dog is traveling towards the fence boundary. This was designed to maximize the safety of your dog and ensure your dog remains within the fence boundary. Happy Havahart Wireless Dogs
Boundary Breach Alerts - If your dog does breach the boundary, an audible alert will trigger on your controller and notify you within your home.

Safety Time Out - The collar of the Custom-Shape wireless fence is designed with a safety time out feature that stops the correction cycle after 30 seconds. After the correction times out, your dog will not be corrected for returning to the containment area. Once your dog returns to the containment area, the collar will revert to its normal operating mode.



Collar Features

For your dogs safety, it is important that the collar not be worn on him for longer than 12 consecutive hours.

Water Resistant Collar - The Custom-Shape collar is water resistant, which enables it to handle splashes from puddles and the water bowl. This is not the same as water proof. We don't recommend submersing the collar completely in water. Custom System Collar
Collar Strap and Fit - Made from heavy-guage nylon webbing with a 3/4 inch snap buckle closure to ensure a durable and secure fit. Each collar is made to fit the standard neck sizes of an average sized dog - 14 inches to 26 inches.
Name Your Collars - During set up of your Custom-Shape Wireless Fence System, you can name each collar and customize the correction settings for each dog.



Is This The Right System For Your Dog(s)?
Looking for a System 
for 2 Small Dogs?

If you need a wireless system for your small dog, check out our Radial-Shape2 fence system to see if it is the right fence for you!

Small Dog
See Radial Systems  

one dog
average neck size


two dogs
average neck size

Neck size chart  

 Custom vs. Radial 
One dog, average neck size system Two dogs, average neck size system
See this system   You're Here



Training Your Dog is Important

Proper training of your dog with this system, is a crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your wireless fence. Be sure to follow the instruction manual that comes with your system, completely. Don't skip any phase! This training helps your dog to understand his new boundaries so that he doesn't continuously try to cross them. You should plan on spending 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day training your dog throughout the training phases. For more information, take a look at our training resources to the right.


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Havahart® Wireless Customer Support

What sets Havahart® Wireless apart from our competition
is our dedication to service. Our fence experts stand ready
to answer your questions. 

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All About...


Compare Dog Fences


Boundary Type Radial Custom Custom
Digging Required No No Yes
Technology Wireless Wireless Wired
Coverage Area ? Up to 11 Acres Up to 25 Acres 1/3 Acre up to 13 Acres
Batteries ? Rechargeable Rechargeable Disposable
In-Home Boundary Breach Alerts Yes Yes No
Trigger Zone 6 to 13 feet 6 to 13 feet 3 to 24 feet



All About Training Your Dog

Proper training of your dog is the most crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence. Find below an interactive guide to faciliate the dog training process as well as instructions to guide you step-by-step. It is important that you follow the instruction manual and complete the entire training process without skipping any phase.


Interactive Guide

interactive guide to train your dog to use the havahart wireless  electric dog fence


Step-By-Step Instructions


For Best Results:

  • Keep your sessions short and frequent--approximately  10-15 minutes long, 2-3 times a day.

  • Be firm, consistent and patient.

  • End sessions with lots of playtime and praise.

  • And HAVE FUN!


Download Full Instructions





How Many Flags Will You Need?


You will need 1 flag for every 6 feet of your fence boundary perimeter.  


  • If you have 1/2 acre to contain, you will need 100 flags.
  • If you have 1 acre to contain, you will need 150 flags.
  • If you have 2 acres to contain, you will need 200 flags.
  • If you have 5 acres to contain, you will need 300 flags.


If you need help determing the number of flags that you need, please contact our Consumer Care Specialists at 1-800-800-1819, Option 1.



Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence, the world’s first digital wireless dog fence that can be customized to the contours of your property up to 500 feet in any direction.  From Havahart® Wireless—the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions.


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