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Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence with FREE Extra Collar

model #: B5134GC2
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  • For Dogs With Neck Sizes 14-26 Inches. Have A Smaller Dog? »
  • Largest Containment Area On The Market - Up to 11 Acres
  • Free Extra Waterproof Collar Included - $159 Value!
  • Setup Generally Takes Less Than an Hour
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Med-Large Dog System Small Dog System
$360  $299.00 (17% off) Sale
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How Does It Work?

The Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence Uses Advanced Technology to Keep Your Dog Safe and Offers the Largest Containment Area Available.

Our Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence safely contains your dog by creating a circular Wireless Boundary ranging from 40-400 feet in any direction from the Fence Controller - in about 60 minutes! This System works for dogs with neck sizes from 14-26 inches. Check out our small dog system if your dog has a smaller neck size.


Will It Work On My Property?

A Wireless Fence Will Work On Your Property if:


What's In The Box?

How Do I Set Up The Fence?

Set Up the Controller
Add the Collar and Adjust the Collar Correction Level
Set Up the Fence Boundary / Training Flags
Fit the Collar to your dog
Train Your Dog To the Fence


Total time = 1 hour, depending on property size.


For best results, we recommend you follow the 3-week training program outlined in the Instruction Manual, so your dog has ample time to learn the Fence Boundary.

System Safety Features

Radialized Correction

Radialize the correction level for your dog's Collar, suitable for the size, age and temperament of your dog. There are 6 different settings, including Tone-Only and 5 Static corrections. The default correction level is Tone-Only.

Wider Trigger Zone

The Trigger Zone is 6-13 feet wide and is located at the edge of the safe Roaming Area. Your dog crossing the Trigger Zone is what alerts your dog's Collar to issue a correction.

Boundary Breach Alerts

If your dog does breach the Fence Boundary, an audible alert will trigger on your Controller and notify you within your home.

Safety Time-Out

The correction cycle stops after 30 seconds. Your dog will not be corrected for returning to the Containment Area, and once your dog returns, the Collar will revert to its normal operating mode.

Questions & Answers

Yes, if the trees and shrubs can be excluded from the Fence Boundary.

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Severe sloping can interfere with the Wireless Signal. Since every property is different, and severe sloping can be difficult to define, we recommend calling one of our containment experts, and discussing your specific property with them, at 1-800-800-1819, Option 453.

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Yes, if the shed can be excluded from the Fence Boundary.

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Havahart® Wireless Systems include a 30-second safety time-out feature, whereby the Wireless Collar issues a pulsing Tone or Static correction for no longer than 30 seconds after crossing the Trigger Zone. If your dog returns to the Roaming Area prior to the 30-second time-out, the correction will cease when he is back in the Roaming Area. Your dog will not be issued a correction for returning to the Roaming Area.

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The Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences are designed for dogs older than 6 months and weighing more than 8 pounds with neck sizes of 14 to 26 inches.

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Yes! There are no weight restrictions on any of our Fence Systems.

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We will never be without this system again.


I absolutely love this system and would highly recommend it!


We have had our fence for three years and love it.


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