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Sweeney's® Weatherproof Deer Repellent - 6 Stations Plus Stakes

model #: S5600
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Effectively repelling deer from plants and vegetable gardens, season-long. Patented, weatherproof stations contain 100% natural ingredients that trigger the flight response in deer. 6 stations protect up to 192 square feet. read full product details »  
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Sweeney’s® Weatherproof Deer Repellent – 6 Pack

Protect your yard or garden from deer with the new Sweeney’s® Weatherproof Deer Repellent. Unique, patented technology allows for season-long protection without reapplication. 

6 stations protect up to 192 square feet.


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All Season Protection

Hang or stake these deer repellent stations in and around your yard or garden, and allow them to do the rest of the work. One single application in the Spring protects sprouting plants and new growth for the entire growing season.



Active ingredient is protected in a heavy-duty, patented repellent station, so it never gets wet. It continues to work despite the weather, even during rainfall.


Ideal Repellent for Vegetable Gardens

Because it is incased in a rugged housing, the repellent does not come in contact with leaves or fruit. And with the all-natural, non-toxic active ingredient, you don't have to worry about its proximity to children or pets.


How it Works:

Sweeney's® Deer Repellent stations use 100% dried blood* to deter deer from the protected area. Dried blood is a scent-based deterrent that is easily detectible by deer, yet odorless to humans. It works by triggering the flight mechanism in deer; upon detection, deer immediately perceive danger nearby and instinctually stay away.


The active ingredient is encased in a patented housing that protects the active ingredient from the elements. This housing is designed specially to allow air to pass through, carrying the repellent scent across your yard or garden.

How it works

Sweeney’s® Weatherproof Deer Repellent may be used as a plant or perimeter protection. To protect an entire area, stations may either be staked into the ground with the included rods or hung with string, and should be placed 4-8 feet apart for optimum effectiveness. For potted flowers or plants, simply place one unit into each pot.


S5600 Sweeney's® Garden

The repellent is continuously released from repellent station, triggering a deer’s instinct to avoid predator activity.


* Proven Effective in Years of Field Studies, 100% dried blood is recognized as the leading deer repellent in university studies and field trials by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


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