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Mosquito Magnet® Quick Clear Cartridge - 6 Pack

model #: BQCC-2

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Product Details:
  • Clears clogged fuel lines
  • Use after every tank change
  • Allows for optimal trap performance
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Mosquito Magnet® Quick Clear Cartridge - 6 Pack


Don't let dirt, dust or contaminates clog your Mosquito Magnet® fuel line - If this happens, it will prevent your trap from working properly!


The Mosquito Magnet® Quick Clear Cartridge - 6 Pack should be used after every tank change for optimal trap performance.  Without this proprietary feature, the nozzle might be prone to clog due to contaminants in the propane. It is also recommended for use before seasonal storage to avoid build up of contaminants during the off-season.


Clear, concise directions are included in each box of cartridges (3 cartridges per box in this twin pack for a total of 6 cartridges).  The Mosquito Magnet® QuickClear Cartridge can be used on all traps.


Mosquito Magnet® – Taking Back Neighborhoods One Yard at a Time.™


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