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Ringer® 0% Phosphate Lawn Restore® Fertilizer Orig. Formula - 25 lb.

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Lawn fertilizing without phosphates. This phosphate-free formula will give you a lush, thick, green lawn without the worries associated with traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers. read full product details »  
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Ringer® Lawn Restore 0% Phosphate - 25 lb. For ALL States Except CA, FL, OK, OR

It's not too late to take care of your lawn!

Apply Ringer® Lawn Restore now to feed your lawn so it stays green during the hot summer months.


While supplies last, you can purchase Lawn Restore®, Original Formula Fertilizer at a reduced price. Keep your lawn green during the hot summer. Lawn Restore® has been improved with our new Lawn Restore® II which covers twice the square footage of the original formula – making it more economical than ever before.


Ringer® Lawn Restore 0% Phosphate organic fertilizer will give you a lush, thick, green lawn without the worries associated with traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers. This organic lawn fertilizer is also extremely easy to use! This 25 lb. bag will cover 2,500 square feet and will last up to 8 weeks per application.

 Ringer Lawn Restore

Ringer® Lawn Restore 0% phosphate is extremely effective on established lawns, while it is also ideal for helping new sod or seed establish root systems. Ringer® Lawn Restore 0% phosphate all natural granules are specially formulated to contain equal proportions of nutrients for uniform feeding of your grass.


When you make Ringer Lawn Restore fertilizer the center of your lawn care program, you are choosing an ideal way to fertilize your lawn. Ringer Lawn Restore slowly releases nitrogen derived from natural protein sources, which feeds your lawn. This system avoids flushes of growth, which are detrimental to your grass.


Ringer Lawn Restore will 'green' your lawn up quickly, usually within 3-5 days and will last up to 8 weeks.


Ringer Lawn Restore is made from a combination of ingredients including high-quality protein meals. It contains no manures and no has no manure odor.


You can apply Ringer® Lawn Restore 0% Phosphate at any time during the growing season.  It will not burn your grass like traditional chemical fertilizers.


Directions for Use:

Normal Lawns:

Apply in Spring, Summer, and Fall at a rate of 10 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq. foot with a drop or rotary spreader (bag covers 2,500 sq. ft). Water immediately after application to activate product. Keep lawn moist, but not saturated for the next 3-4 days. For continued maintenance, water once or twice weekly to provide 1" of moisture (including rainfall). A typical sprinkler takes 3-4 hours to provide 1" of moisture.


Lawns with Excess Thatch or Problem Lawns:

  1. Fertilization- a fertilizer that provides slow release nitrogen should be applied 2-4 times per season following recommended application rates.
  2. Watering- Lawns should receive approximately one inch of water a week (including rainfall).
  3. Mowing- Adopt the 1/3 rule, not more then 1/3 of the leaf should be removed in any one mowing. During times of stress (summer), keep grass longer then in spring and fall.
  4. Aerating- Core aerating in Spring or Fall. Core aerating allows air into the soil and breaks apart compacted soil.


New Sod or Seed:

Ringer Lawn Restore is ideal in helping establish new root systems. Unlike some fertilizers, it won't burn tender, developing roots. Simply apply at a rate of 10 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq ft. For new sod, work into topsoil before laying sod. For new seed, work into topsoil prior to seeding. Water to keep surface moist, but not saturated, until sod/seedlings are established.




Ringer® - A dramatically better way to have a dramatically better lawn

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