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CobraCo™ 12 Inch Pre-Molded Coco Liner

model #: CLH12M

Best Used For:
Lining baskets and planters. Our pre-molded coco liners are great for lining 12 inch decorative planters and baskets and make great replacements for worn-out liners! read full product details »
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CobraCo™ 12" Pre-Molded Coco Liner

The CobraCo™ Coco Liners are made from 100% natural coconut fiber and complement any basket or planter. This particular coco liner is pre-molded to fit up to 12" decorative planters and baskets and makes a great replacement for worn-out liners!


Made of 100% natural coconut fiber and needle punched for strength, this material is a perfect match for any planting or gardening project. CobraCo™ Coco Liners retain moisture so there is less time spent watering.


Coconut liners should be replaced every season to keep your plants and floral displays looking their best!



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