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CobraCo® Beehive Steel Hose Holder and Lid Set


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Unique decorative Beehive Steel container and matching lid for neatly storing hoses, magazines, newspaper and potted plants. Many inside or outside uses! read full product details »
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CobraCo® Beehive Steel Hose Holder and Lid Set



This CobraCo® Beehive Steel Hose Holder and Lid Set with Copper Finish grants the ultimate solution to disorganized and tangled garden hoses--great for a patio, deck, or in the garden. Constructed from solid steel with an antique copper finish and a beehive-inspired shape, the fashionable hose holder instantly adds function to any outdoor decor. The container holds up to 78 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose in a small space, for subtle and efficient lawn care. At 18-1/2 inches wide, 12 inches high, and about 8 pounds, it is both stable enough to stay in place and light enough to move wherever you want. Coordinating lid included!


Easily Coil and Uncoil Garden Hoses

Leaving a garden hose out is not only unattractive, but it's also a risky tripping hazard. With the convenience of the CobraCo® hose holder, putting your hose away becomes a simple task. The hose holder has a molded center post inside that allows to promptly and neatly coil the garden hose. And it's just as easy to uncoil the hose when you need to use it again.


Protects Your Hose for Longer Life

Tangles and kinks are both annoying and can also shorten the life of your hose. Smooth coiling and uncoiling made possible by the CobraCo® hose holder helps provide your hose a longer life. Garden hoses can leak residual water from their spout when they're coiled, but the holder features small holes drilled in the bottom to allow for proper drainage. Keeping the pot dry extends the life of the container, and, by keeping the hose dry, it's less likely to deteriorate.


Doubles as a Decorative Container

CobraCo™ Beehive Steel Hose Holder

The removable molded center post allows this unit the versatility to be used indoors as a handy storage container when the gardening season is over. Simply wipe it down, remove the post, and it's ready to use as an indoor storage container. It makes a nice choice for displaying potted plants on the porch, storing firewood and kindling next to the fireplace, or storing blankets or books next to a favorite reading chair in the living room.


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