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CobraCo® Ceramic Watering Sensors

model #: 6001-TC

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Best Used For:
Providing automatic watering of house plants. The three ceramic watering sensors each have a 6-10 hour drip time. They work with any container of water. read full product details »
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CobraCo® Ceramic Watering Sensors


Do you have problems keeping your house plants watered?  Not sure what to do with your house plants when you are on vacation?  CobraCo® has a great solution! Our watering systems and sensors help keep your plants maintained at optimum moisture levels.


The CobraCo® Ceramic Watering Sensors provides automatic watering of house plants.  The sensors come in a 3-pack and will work with any container of water. The drip time is approximately 6 to 10 hours per water sensor. Keep your plants at the proper moisture level with these ceramic water sensors.



CobraCo® - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor

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