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Victor® Fly Magnet® Replacement Bait - 3 Baits

model #: M383

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Product Details:

  • Compatible with the M380, M382, M502, & similar traps.
  • Comes with 1 pack of 3 Fly Magnet bait refills.
  • Non-poisonous so it's safe around family, including pets.
  • To use, empty bait into trap and add water.
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Victor® Fly Magnet™ Replacement Bait

Victor® Fly Magnet™ Replacement Bait


This patented non-poisonous bait is the most effective bait on the market — it out-performs competitive products 20 to 1!  Simply empty the bait into the Victor® Fly Magnet™ trap and add water. The result creates a scent that flies cannot resist.  Once trapped, the flies drown in the water-based mixture. For outdoor use with the M382 Victor® Fly Magnet™ trap.


Directions for Use:

Victor® Fly Magnet™ Replacement Bait

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  1. Empty contents into M382 Victor® Fly Magnet™ trap.
  2. Add warm water until 1/4 full.
  3. Swirl to mix.
  4. Place fly trap 18 inches or less from the ground.  (Flies search low.)
  5. Place fly trap in sunny area.  (Flies like heat, light, low wind.)
  6. As trap fills, add water to keep flies submerged.


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