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Victor® Disposable Fly Trap With Bait 1pt.

model #: M502
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Attracting and trapping flies. The patented non-poison bait in this disposable trap is the most effective on the market! Ideal for reducing adult fly population. read full product details »  
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Victor® Fly Trap With Bait

Victor® Fly Trap With Bait


The patented non-poisonous bait in the Victor® Fly Trap With Bait is the most effective on the market! It attracts and traps the flies so you can easily dispose of them.  So convenient and easy to use, the Victor® Fly Trap With Bait includes a pint size plastic jar with lid and the bait.  This is intended for outdoor use only.




Directions for Use:

Instructions for Victor® Fly Trap with Bait

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  1. Open fly traps.
  2. Pour bait into cup and add water to fill line located approximately 1" from bottom of trap. Note: Allow several hours for activation.
  3. Hang from tree or stake.
  4. Place in calm, sunny locations, about 25 feet from activity areas.
  5. To dispose, submerge trap in hot water, then wrap in plastic bag and discard in trash.



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