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Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties

model #: BSTEZ006A

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Staking tomatoes and other vine grown plants. The patent pending design grows taller and wider as your plant grows, supporting each growing branch. This roll of strong, durable stretch tie can be cut to needed length. read full product details »
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Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Sturdy Stretch Tie


Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System


The patent pending design of Stake It Easy™ (STEZ) grows taller (up to 6')as your plant grows supporting each growing branch.  More advanced than traditional tomato cages and garden stakes, this system actually grows with your plants.


To assemble, just snap together. Then adjust the height and expandable support arms as the plant grows. The system comes with six, 3-ft. long Sturdy Stakes and 3 connectors to add height when needed. Also included are nine expandable support arms to add width as the plant grows.Earned the Gardening Club Seal of Approval


This versatile system can be used with tomatoes or most vine plants that need support. 



Gardeners Blue Ribbon™ Sturdy Stretch Tie


This roll of strong, durable stretch tie can be cut to needed length and expands with plant’s growth.


The Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stretch Tie (T006A) can be used for tying/securing anything in your garden. Stretch design is great for plants as it allows for plant growth and helps prevent wind damage. Use strips as motion devices to scare away unwanted garden visitors. A must among your garden supplies; it has hundreds of other uses, too!

This weather proof, inch wide tape comes in a natural green color and is so easy to store. 


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon: Garden Products to Beautify Your World

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