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Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern

model #: 367

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Best Used For:
Attracting and feeding wild birds. Birds will flock to this stylish bird feeder, with its U-shaped perches on the four feeding stations and the Sure-Lock™ cap system to keep squirrels out. read full product details »
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Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Bird Feeder


The Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Feeder holds up to 2.5 lb of seed, has 4 feeding stations, U-shaped perches and a rustic brown powder coat finish. Sure-Lock™ cap system keeps squirrels out but allows the birds to feed. The transparent seed compartment makes it easy to monitor seed levels!
Feeder Specifications:
  • Dimensions 8" long x 8" wide x 10" high
  • 2.5 lb seed capacity
  • Use with a black oil sunflower seed, peanuts, fruit/nut combo, or mixed seed



Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Feeder
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Wild Birds love:

  • 4 seed dispensing ports
  • 4 comfortable U-shaped perches
  • Fresh seed continuously

You'll love:

  • Sure-Lock cap system to keep squirrels out
  • Powder-coated rustic brown finish
  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild birds feeding


Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free


Accessorizing Your Seed Feeder:

Baffle Hanging Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterers
Baffle Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterer



Birdscapes® is the leading supplier of decorative Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Birdscapes® Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

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