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Pet Doors, Havahart® Small Plastic Dog Door, 7110

Havahart® Small Plastic Dog Door

model #: 7110
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Pets 7-15 lbs. Gives your small-sized dog access to indoor and outdoor areas. Easy to install. read full product details »  
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Havahart® Small Plastic Dog Door


Give your dog the freedom they deserve and give yourself the security you expect with our small plastic dog door. Can also be used as an effective cat door.


Made from high quality plastic to ensure a lasting solution, our small plastic dog door fits hollow and solid doors without requiring drilling holes. The flexible PVC flap possesses a magnetic energy seal to reduce temperature loss from your dog entering and exiting the pet door.


These pet doors are recommended for indoor applications or outdoor access to covered areas, as well as outdoor applications for temperate climates.


Our Havahart® plastic pet doors are suited for low to medium usage indoor and outdoor. If you have a high-energy dog or need something for heavy usage, consider our Havahart® Small Aluminum Dog Door »


Small Dog Door Specs


Our plastic dog doors accommodate door widths from 7/8” to 2.25”.


The small plastic dog door measures 6.625” x 8.5” and accommodates breeds up to 15 lbs.

Additional pet door sizes ranging from small to extra large are also available »



How to Measure Your dog for the Correct Size Door:

  1. Height: Measure your dog from the floor to the highest point of the shoulders. The flaps of the dog door should be at least 2 inches above the top of your dog’s shoulders.
  2. Width: Measure your dog at the widest point and add an additional 1-2 inches to be safe. (Remember: If your dog is a puppy or is going to continue to grow, please take that into account when measuring). Also take into account the amount of fur that your pet has. The width of your dog may be smaller then you measure if your dog has long hair.

Additional Points to Consider when choosing the Correct Size Dog Door

  • Ensure the dog door is low enough for your dog to step into. Having the door too high could make it difficult for your dog to step through. Also take into account the age of your dog as older dogs might have an issue raising their legs high enough to get through the door.
  • If you have more than one dog, ensure the door you choose will work on both dogs.
  • Your pet is going to use the pet door from both sides so ensure that the height of the dog door works from both sides.
  • If you have a puppy, remember to take into account the fact that your dog will continue to grow and choose a pet door that will work long term.


Installation can be completed in 3 easy steps with the two-piece threaded insert and comes with step-by-step instructions included. Lockable steel security panel is also included for added security.


Pet Door Installation



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Pet Doors from Havahart® - the recognized brand name for animal restraint, containment and training devices.

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