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Havahart® Battery-Operated Electric Fence Charger

model #: BBSS-2LGX
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Preventing animal mischief. Battery operated, this energy source for Havahart® electric fence kit also helps repel unwanted critters! read full product details »  
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Havahart® Battery-Operated Electric Fence Charger


Battery operated, this electric fence charger is the energy source for Havahart® electric fence kits.


The Havahart® Battery-Operated Electric Fence Charger for small animals is the ideal energy source for your fence.  Used with Havahart® Electric Fence Kits, this charger presents the ideal solution to keeping unwanted critters out of your yard.  It helps prevent damage from animal mischief.

Powered by two D-cell batteries (not included), this electric fence charger comes with a mounting stake for easy installation. It has intermittent DC output and works up to one mile under ideal conditions .  This charger has a one year limited warranty.


Output voltage:  7.5KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage


Havahart® is your source for above-ground electric fence kits. Havahart® electric fence kits provide economical, easy and effective solutions to keep pets and other small animals and predators out of landscape features, gardens and animal corrals.

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