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Havahart® 23 Inch PVC Fence Poles Kit

model #: BBA-15PX

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Keeping small predators out of your lawn and garden. With 15 extra poles made of heavy-duty PVC, these 23 inch PVC green fence poles blend in with the natural surroundings. read full product details »
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Havahart® 23 Inch PVC Fence Poles Kit


Looking for sturdy fence poles that don't stand out like a sore thumb? 


The Havahart® 23 Inch PVC Fence Poles Kit contains 15 poles for fencing. The poles are made of heavy-duty PVC and presented in forest green to blend in with natural surroundings. They stand 23 inch. Cotter pins are not included.



Havahart® is your source for above-ground electric fence kits. Havahart® electric fence kits provide economical, easy and effective solutions to keep pets and other small animals and predators out of landscape features, gardens and animal corrals.

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