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Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence: 2 Dog

model #: B5140G-2DOG

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  • Customizable Fence Boundary For All Property Types
  • For 2 dogs - Includes Extra Collar (Save $30!)
  • State of the Art Intelligent Electronics for Secure and Effective Pet Containment 
  • 1/3 Acre Roaming Area - with Expansion Kits, up to 13 Acres
  • Emits a Wide Signal Field – Customizable From 3-24 ft
  • Safety Features & Surge Protection
  • For Use on Dogs 6 months and Older and Weighing Over 8lbs
  • Training is Key – 3x a Day for 15 minutes over 2 Weeks 
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What Is It?

The Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence: 2 Dog uses state-of-the-art intelligent electronics to help train your dog to stay within the boundaries you set, makes containing your dogs safe while giving you the ability to customize to your property type.  The system includes wire for a 1/3 acre roaming area and wide signal field of 3-24 ft. Our Expansion Kit allows for even greater play area up to 13 acres. Watch our benefits video!

How Does It Work?

The Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence: 2 Dog includes wire that you bury (the wire should be buried at a depth of ½ inch) around the perimeter of the containment area, creating a closed loop.  The boundary wire must make a continuous loop starting and stopping at the Transmitter.

The Transmitter and Collar communicate with each other.  When installing the Transmitter, be sure to mount it on an interior wall close to a standard household outlet.  Although the Transmitter will withstand freezing temperatures, it is not waterproof and should be used indoors only. The location should not be one that includes extreme summer heat or direct heating from the sun.  That type of heat will interfere with the intelligent electronics of the system.


Through training, your dog will learn to recognize the boundary visually (aided by flags), through an audio tone and a humane corrective static stimulus transmitted through the collar. When the dog reaches the Trigger Zone (edge of the boundary) signal, you will hear a warning tone that will last as long as the dog remains in the warning zone. If the dog moves away, the tone shuts off. If the dog continues toward the boundary, the initial low-level static stimulus occurs. If the dog still continues toward the boundary the preset full-level static correction will be administered. You can set this level of correction to individually suit your dog’s temperament. 


Watch Our Short Benefits Video

Training Is Essential!

Train your dogs in 15 minute sessions, 3 times a day. Training should last a minimum of 15 consecutive days.  Remember, consistency is the key to success. The instructional manual outlines an easy to follow training program.  

How Do I Set Up The Fence?

Design Your Boundary and Lay the Boundary Wire On Top of the Ground

Install the Wall Unit

Set Up the Collar

Ensure the Wire is Working Properly, then Install the Boundary Wire

Place the Training Flags

Fit the Collar on Your Dog

Train Your Dog To the Fence


Total time = depends on property size

For best results, we recommend you follow the 3-week training program outlined in the Instruction Manual, so your dog has ample time to learn the Fence Boundary.

System Safety Features

Run-Through Protection

Your dog will hear a warning tone as he approaches the Fence Boundary, receive a low-level Static stimulus the closer he gets, and the full-level Static stimulus as he reaches the Boundary. This human correction cycle deters your dog from crossing the Fence Boundary.

Over-Correction Protection
In the event that your dog becomes trapped or confused in the Trigger Zone, the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence will limit stimulation.

Questions & Answers

Yes. The Fence Free Underground Dog Fence has no landscaping restrictions.

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Yes, and unlike our Wireless Fences, there is no need to ensure this is excluded from the Fence Boundary.

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Yes, digging is required in order to install this Fence. The Wire should be buried at depth of ½ inch. If your Fence Boundary includes a driveway, you’ll need to cut ½ inch deep cut, using a circular saw and masonry blade.

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Now I have a vivacious, sociable golden labrador that stays in her own yard. 

I would say this product works very well …It makes it so much easier when they have to go out!

Great fence that allowed me to train my dog.


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