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Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

model #: 5140G
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Fence Free Underground Fence Features

Customizable Fence Boundary
1/3 Acre Roaming Area - with Boundary Kits, up to 13 Acres
Wider Signal Field - 3-24 ft - can be customized based on your
    dog's temperament
Safety features & surge protection
Can contain an unlimited number of dogs
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Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence

Fence Free Installation

The Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence will give your dog freedom to run and play, and give you peace of mind knowing that he is safely doing so. The Fence Free Underground Dog Fence System will protect your dog from the dangers associated with exiting your yard, while providing a large area inside your yard for him to explore.

The Fence Free Underground Dog Fence System can cover 1/3 acre, but with the purchase of Havahart® Boundary Kits, you can extend your containment area up to 13 acres, providing your dog with even more room to play.

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So How Does It Work?

The Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence comes with wire that you bury around the perimeter of your containment area, creating a closed loop. The Digital Transmitter includes an LED indicator light, which will illuminate to inform you that a continuous loop has been created. This system also enables you to cancel the signal in areas where you do not want your dog to be issued a correction, such as inside the garage, on the driveway or close to the house. Lastly, this system features Lightning/Surge Protection which will protect it from normal voltage spikes, however, it is advised that you unplug the Digital Transmitter and disconnect the wires during storms.

Once you have buried the wire and your loop is complete, the Fence Free Controller creates a Boundary. Surrounding the Fence Boundary is a Trigger Zone or Warning Zone which:

    • Spans 3 to 24 feet.
    • Is the area in which a correction is issued.
    • Is wide, providing your dog with more time to be issued a correction, giving him the opportunity to turn back into the Roaming Area.
  • When the Collar crosses, sounds an audible warning tone which will last as long as your dog remains in the Warning Zone. If your dog walks back into the containment area, the tone shuts off. If, however, your dog continues to move toward the Fence Boundary, the System issues an initial low-level Static correction to encourage your dog to move back away from the Boundary. In the event that your dog continues to move toward the Boundary, even after the low-level Static correction, a higher level of correction (determined by you) will be administered, in an attempt to discourage your dog from exiting the containment area.

Setup is a Breeze

    • Multiple Correction Levels - The water-resistant Collar includes six levels of correction, Tone-Only plus 5 different Static correction levels with Tone. You can set the correction level to one that suits your dog’s temperament, age and size.
    • Works with Multiple Dogs - With the use of the Fence Free Extra Receiver Collar, your Fence Free Underground Dog Fence System can contain an unlimited number of dogs. Since every dog is unique, each Collar can be set to its own correction level, determined by you.
    • Easy to Setup - The Digital Transmitter features an easy-to-set and easy-to-read control panel. The Power and Loop Light confirms that your Fence is working properly.
  • You Control the Signal Width - On the Transmitter, you can set the Signal Field Width. This is the area on each side of the wire, which, if your dog crosses, signals the Collar to issue a correction. There are five Field Width settings, ranging from 3 to 24 feet, which you can adjust based on your yard size and the temperament of your dog. The Signal Field Width is displayed digitally in the LED window.

System Safety Features

    • It is vet-recommended that you not leave the Collar on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time to prevent skin irritation. Pressure Necrosis is caused by extended pressure of the Probes on a dog’s skin, along with oil and dirt that accumulates on the Probes.
    • Check your dog’s skin daily for skin irritation and do not use the Collar if the skin is irritated.
    • Only use the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence on healthy dogs, weighing at least 8 pounds who are older than 6 months of age. Consult your veterinarian before using the Collar if your dog has health problems.
    • Check the Collar fit each time you place the Collar on your dog – the Collar must be fitted properly. If the Collar Probes are not in contact with your dog’s skin, the System will not work effectively.
  • Always use the lowest stimulation possible to train your dog.

Training Your Dog Is Important

Proper training of your dog with this system, is a crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your dog fence. Be sure to follow the instruction manual that comes with your system, completely. Don't skip any phase! This training helps your dog to understand his new boundaries so that he doesn't continuously try to cross them. You should plan on spending 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day training your dog throughout the training phases. For more information, take a look at our training resources to the right.

Havahart® Wireless Customer Support

What sets Havahart® Wireless apart from our competition is our dedication to service. Our Fence experts stand ready to answer your questions.
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Item Model #5140G Model #PIG00-14582
Cost $159.99 $154.99
Initial Coverage Area 1/3 Acre 1/3 Acre
Additional Coverage Area Up to 13 Acres Up to 5 Acres
Contain Multiple Dogs Yes Yes
Levels of Correction Tone + 5 Static Tone + 4 Static
Fits Neck Sizes Up to 30" Up to 28"
Surge Protector Yes Yes
Specific Battery Brand No Yes





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Boundary Type Radial Custom Custom
Digging Required No No Yes
Technology Wireless Wireless Wired
Coverage Area Up to 11 Acres Up to 25 Acres 1/3 Acre to up to 13 Acres
Batteries Rechargeable Rechargeable Disposable
In-Home Boundary Breach Alerts Yes Yes No
Trigger Zone 6 to 13 feet 6 to 13 feet 3 to 24 feet


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