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Havahart® Wireless Foraging Ring Treat Dispensing Toy


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Havahart® Wireless Foraging Ring Treat Dispensing Toy

 Treat Dispensing 

Functional and Fun 
Provides Mental & Physical Stimulation 
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Havahart® Wireless Foraging Ring Treat Dispensing Toy


What Is It?

Foraging Ring Treat Dispensing Toy

The Foraging Ring Treat Dispensing Toy is a functional toy that helps to satisfy a dog’s natural foraging and chewing urges, providing hours of mental and physical stimulation for your pet. It is specially designed to house and dispense treats, encouraging your dog to work to release them. Simply insert treats and watch him have tons of fun bouncing, rolling or tossing the ring to claim his reward. Then refill it to start all over again!

Treat Dispensing - Entertains Foraging Instincts

Use this toy to put your dog’s foraging skills to work. Fill the hollow ring with treats, and watch your dog enjoy the challenge of retrieving the food from the openings.

Multiple Textures Satisfy Chewing Urges

The durable rubbery ring has multiple textures, so it’s fun to chew even when there are no treats inside.

Easy to Use and Clean

The Foraging Ring comes with four dispenser openings into which you can insert the treats. Plus, the inside of the ring opens up entirely so you can easily empty and clean it.

Durable Toy is Fun For Everyone - Indoors and Out

This toy is great for tossing, rolling, throwing and impromptu games of tug-of-war! The Foraging Ring also floats so you and your canine can enjoy it in the water.

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