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Havahart® Remote Trainer with Extra Collar

model #: B5125G-2DOG

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Havahart® Remote Trainer Features

Correct your dog’s misbehaviors (jumping, nuisance barking,
    digging or chewing)
Teach basic commands
Can be used at distances up to 100 yards
Train up to two dogs, with customizable correction levels
Safety time-out feature
Digital Remote for easy setup

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Havahart® Remote Trainer with Extra Collar

The Havahart® Remote Trainer is a safe and highly effective method for both eliminating negative behavior and creating desired positive behavior. The Havahart® Remote Trainer helps you to correct your dog’s misbehaviors such as jumping, nuisance barking, digging and chewing. It can also be used to teach basic commands such as "Heel," "Down," "Sit & Stay" and "Come." The Havahart® Remote Trainer also provides you with the flexibility to train your dog indoors or outdoors, since it works at distances up to 100 yards. Think of this dog training kit as a very long leash!
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Both the hand-held Remote and Collar operate on disposable (CR2450 & CR2 Lithium Ion) Batteries, which are provided. The Remote and Collar feature a power saving sleep mode to help conserve Battery life. In addition, the Collar includes a Low Battery indicator light, which flashes red every few seconds when the Battery needs to be replaced. You’ll see a "B" blink on the display window of the Remote once every 10 seconds when the Battery in the Remote needs to be replaced. The Battery life will depend upon how active your dog is, as well as how frequently your dog is issued a correction.


So How Does It Work?

Unlike many other remote trainers on the market, the Havahart® Remote Trainer can operate two Collars, training two dogs at the same time (with the purchase of a Havahart® Remote Trainer Extra Collar – Item# 5125GX). To train multiple dogs, simply press the Dog Selector switch on the Remote to determine which Collar is in operation and to set the correction level appropriate for that dog and his age, size and temperament. The Remote features 5 levels of Static correction, as well as a Tone-Only option.


When you press the Correction button on the Remote, a Static stimulus is sent to the Collar, worn by your dog, and a correction is delivered through the Collar probes. If you wish to use Tone-Only (an audible alert) to control your dog’s behavior, simply press the Warning button. Your dog will hear an audible tone instead of receiving Static stimulation and will learn to associate the tone with the misbehavior.


System Safety Features

As a safety feature, the Havahart® Remote Trainer automatically shuts off and correction is stopped if a button is pressed and held for 10 seconds.


Collar Features

Water Resistant - The Collar should not be submerged in water, since it is not waterproof. The water-resistant Collar is able to handle small splashes of water.

Adjustable Size - The Collar fits neck sizes up to 30 inches.

Works with Long and Short Coats – Two sets of probes, long and short, are included for use on dogs with any coat length.

Low Battery Indicator Light - The Collar Indicator Light will blink red every few seconds when the Battery needs to be replaced.


Training Your Dog is Important

It is important to note that your commitment to training your dog is key to the success of the Havahart® Remote Trainer. Training sessions should be 10-15 minutes each, 2-3 times per day, 5 days a week.


Only use the Havahart® Remote Trainer if your dog is older than 6 months and weighs more than 8lbs. The Collar fits dogs with neck sizes up to 30”. If your dog has any health issues, please talk to your veterinarian before using the Collar.


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Item Model #5125G Model #PDT00-13410
Cost $119.99 $135.95
Number of Dogs 2 1
Correction Distance 100 Yards 100 Yards
Remote Display Digital Digital
Correction Levels Tone + 5 Static Tone + 16 Static + 2 Boost Option
Safety "Time-Out" Feature Yes Yes
Sleep Mode Yes No
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes
Specific Battery Brand No Yes



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