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Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer & Bark Control

model #: 5150G

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Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer Features

Correct your dog’s nuisance barking in automatic mode
Correct your dog’s misbehaviors (jumping, digging or chewing)

     in manual mode
No Collar required
Can be used at distances up to 25 feet
Train an unlimited number of dogs
Safety time-out feature
Small, digital Remote
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Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer

The Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer can be used in Automatic Mode to correct your dog’s nuisance barking or in Manual Mode to correct other misbehaviors, such as jumping on furniture and counters, digging and chewing. The Ultrasonic Basic Trainer works by emitting an ultrasonic sound that, while inaudible to humans, is heard by and distracts your dog. Watch Our Short Benefits Video 

So How Does It Work?

The Ultrasonic Basic Trainer features Select-a-Sound, which enables you to tune the device to one of five different sounds to match your dog’s hearing sensitivity.


When used in Automatic Mode, the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer has been programmed to recognize a full range of barking sounds and is used to correct excessive barking. Simply place the trainer near your dog and when the device detects a bark, the trainer will emit the pre-selected ultrasonic sound. If no barking is detected over a period of five minutes, the trainer will go into Sleep Mode in order to preserve Battery life.


When used in Manual Mode, the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer can be used to correct your dog’s misbehaviors. To use in Manual Mode, press the “Correction” button on the Remote immediately following the misbehavior.


Regardless of what Mode the trainer is set to, it works at distances up to 25 feet and does not require the use of a Collar.


Please note: Only about two-thirds of all dogs will respond to ultrasonic training.


System Safety Features

The Ultrasonic Basic Trainer, when used in Automatic Mode, will time-out if the trainer is triggered six times within one minute and will cease all corrections for five minutes.


Training Your Dog is Important

It is important to note that your commitment to training your dog is key to the success of the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer. Training sessions should be 10-15 minutes each, 2-3 times per day. Consistency is key in helping your dog associate the ultrasonic tone with the misbehavior.


Only use the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer if your dog is older than 6 months.

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Item Model #5150G Model #PUPT-100-19
Cost $49.99 $39.95
Correction Distance Up to 25ft Up to 30ft
Operation Modes Automatic or Manual Manual
Ultrasonic Tones 5 1
Number of Dogs Unlimited 1
Sleep Mode Yes No
Safety Time-Out Yes No



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