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Havahart® Remote Trainer Extra Collar Receiver

model #: 5125GX
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Havahart® Remote Trainer Extra Collar Receiver Features

Motion Sensor Technology conserves Battery life.
Tone-Only or 5 levels of Static correction.
Long or Short Probes included, to suit your dog's coat.
Fits dogs with neck sizes up to 30 inches.
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Havahart® Remote Trainer Extra Collar Receiver

The Havahart® Remote Trainer corrects dog misbehavior such as jumping,

barking, digging and chewing. It is helpful for teaching basic commands such as sit,

stay and come and is capable of training up to two dogs.

The Havahart® Remote Trainer can operate two collars, training two dogs at the same time. This is accomplished by toggling the Dog Selector switch on the hand-held control unit. Additionally, each Collar can be set to its own correction level, since each dog’s temperament is unique.


The Remote displays which Collar is in operation, as well as that Collar’s correction level setting.


Collar Features

Water Resistant - The Collar should not be submerged in water, since it is not waterproof. The water-resistant Collar is able to handle small splashes of water.

Adjustable Size - The Collar fits neck sizes up to 30 inches.

Works with Long and Short Coats – Two sets of Probes, long and short, are included for use on dogs with any coat length.

Low Battery Indicator Light - The Collar Indicator Light will blink red every few seconds when the Battery needs to be replaced.


Safety Features


As a safety feature, the unit automatically shuts off if a button is pressed for 10 seconds, and correction is stopped.




Remote Trainer FAQs


Q:  How does the Remote Trainer work?

A:  When you press the appropriate button on the Remote Trainer, a Static stimulus and a tone are sent to the Collar, with the correction delivered via the Collar Probes. As a safety feature, the unit automatically shuts off if a button is pressed for 10 seconds.


The Remote Trainer offers you two training modes – Tone-Only or one of 5 Static stimulus levels with Tone. If you wish to use Tone-Only to control behavior, simply press the Warning button. Your dog will hear an audible tone instead of receiving Static stimulation and will begin to associate the tone with the misbehavior.


The Remote Trainer will issue a correction through the Collar up to 100 yards away. In addition, the Remote Trainer can operate two Collars at the same time. This is accomplished by toggling the Dog Selector switch on the hand-held Trainer between the two Collars. The digital read-out panel tells you which Collar is in operation.




Q:  Will the Remote Trainer work for my dog?

A:  The Remote Trainer effectively and safely uses a Static stimulus to help train your dog.


It's important to remember that every dog has a unique personality and responds differently to stimuli. While there is no way to know how your dog will react to a training device, Havahart® products are effective for use with dogs of virtually every size and breed, 6 months and older, weighing more than 8 lbs. For the safety and security of you and your dog, initial training should take place in a confined area where you have complete control over the situation.




Q:  Is the Remote Trainer safe?

A:  The Remote Trainer is safe and humane. To protect your dog and yourself, please observe the following precautions:

Never leave the Collar on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time, to prevent skin irritation.

Only use the Remote Trainer on healthy dogs, 6 months and older, weighing more than 8lbs. Consult your veterinarian before using the collar if your dog has health problems.

Check Collar fit each time you place the Collar on your dog. This is important, since the Collar must be fitted properly to work effectively.

Check your dog’s skin daily for irritation and do not use the Collar if the skin is irritated.

Always use the lowest stimulation possible to train your dog.



Q:  How long will it take to train my dog?

A:  We recommend that you spend 10 to 15 minutes each day, 2 to 3 times a day, for 4 to 6 weeks, to gain the maximum benefit from the training system. Every dog learns at his own pace, but in all cases, consistency and repetition are the keys to long-term obedience.



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