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Recommended Links

There are many sites committed to providing you with valuable info
These are the ones we especially recommend



Cesar's Way

The website for this amazing dog-training expert has excellent tips and interesting stories about his experiences with many different kinds of dogs. go»




Pet Education
Sponsored by Dr's Foster and Smith, the site is described as the internet's largest, best and most comprehensive site for articles on pet healthcare, written by veterinary experts. go»




Dog Owner's Web Site Guide
The online newspaper for pet and show dog owners.go»



Your link to the latest news concerning dogs. Search for dog information. go»



The American Kennel Club On-line
Dedicated to Purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership since 1884. go»



Cool Dog Site of the Day
Dogmark reviews the best of the dog sites, including links. go»



Cyber Dog
This web site contains links to articles, breeders showcase, pet products, services and publications, breed information, pet chats and other dog links. go»



Dog Infomat
A photojournalistic Website dedicated to assisting dog owners and enthusiasts and, especially those considering dog ownership. go»



Join others around the United States who travel with their pets.  Get all the latest information on where to stay with your pet. go»



This site has eight canine guides, dog site search engine, dog tips and much, much more. go»




American Dog Trainers Network
A comprehensive resource center for dog owners, dog trainers & the media, including links. go»



A place where employers and job seekers can connect. All jobs involve animals. go»



Great Dog Site.com
Very informative and appealing website that covers a large variety of dogs, both purebreds and hybrids.  Includes a link to Dogs for Rescue. go»




Harmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets
Laugh, learn, share the world of pets at this award-winning site. Pet care library for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, pet loss support resources, postcards, classified ads, fun, games, contests and cool stuff all from this AAHA-accredited animal hospital. go»




Animal Disabilities
Find out information on raising animals with disabilities. go»



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