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Researching Electric Dog Fence Options?

There are many choices in dog fencing today. They range from structural fencing, in ground electric wired fencing or electric wireless fencing. All of these dog fences can be self installed; however, services can be secured to provide installation in several cases.

Today many planned neighborhoods have associations that restrict the type of fencing that can be constructed. It is important you understand the choices available so you can select the option that best fits your needs including the new Wireless Dog Fence option or Underground Dog Fence options.

Which Dog Fence Option is Right for You?


Wireless System
$299 - $599
< 2 Hours
In-Ground WiredPre-Treated WoodVinyl
Materials In-Ground System 63 6' × 8' Panels, Gate, Posts, Cement, Hardware Cost 63 6' × 8' Panels, Gate, Posts, Cement, Hardware Cost
Cost of Materials $140 - $600 $2,500+ $5,000+
Set Up Time 10 Hours 30+ Hours 30+ Hours
Installation DIY or Professional DIY or Professional DIY or Professional
Maintenance Repair Broken / Exposed Wire Damaged Panels Damaged Panels
Portable No No No

* Cost based on 1/3 of an acre

Structural Fence:

Structural or Conventional fencing comes in a variety of forms: pressure treated lumber, vinyl, wrought iron or chain link to name a few. A physical fence can provide peace of mind when containing a pet; however, there can be restrictions in neighborhoods with associations as to what type of fence can be used. Visual appeal of the fence can be top priority in some neighborhoods. The temperament of the dog should be factored in when deciding on a fence structure as some dogs might need a physical boundary to contain them. Factors such as time and material need to be factored into your decision process as well. Basic maintenance would consist of the replacement of boards or painting depending on the structural type you choose.

In-Ground Dog Fence:

An in-ground dog fence consists of a buried electrical wire that connects to a transmitter located in the home or garage. The system has a signal field that should be set for the temperament of your dog. This signal field is the area outside the roaming zone where the dog will be corrected either through a tone or static correction by way of the receiver collar the dog is wearing. This field can be anywhere from 2 feet to 24 feet wide.

Once the fence layout has been determined the transmitter should be installed in the home or garage. A wire will then need to be run to the outside of the home. Begin digging a trench where the fence boundary should be on the property. Insert the boundary wire into the ground. If there is a need to include part of a sidewalk or driveway, cut through these obstacles in order to bury the wire. Sealant can then be used to cover the wire. Once the wire is buried, reconnect the wire to the transmitter in the home. Basic maintenance will need to occur if there is a break in the wire or the wire becomes exposed. Training the dog is the next step.

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Electric Wireless Dog Fence:

These fences can be found in two forms. One that forms a radial boundary around your property and one that can be customized to the fence boundary desired. A wireless dog fence works by transmitting a radio signal to the desired fence boundary that has been set from the base station. The system has a trigger zone that will correct the dog by way of the collar. This correction will take place when the dog crosses into the trigger zone with a tone or static correction based on the setting that has been established. This will encourage the dog to move back into the roaming area or safe area. This Trigger Zone can range from 2 feet to 12 feet. It is important to choose the right range for the trigger zone based on the temperament of your dog.

Wireless Dog Fences do have limitations in certain environments. For example, Wireless Dog Fences do not work with metal buildings or aluminum siding. Other obstacles that can affect the performance are extensive landscaping or if the home sits on a densely wooded lot. In these cases a wired electric fence might be the best option.

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