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Wireless Dog Fence Reviews


If you’ve reached the end of your rope on keeping your dogs in your yard, then Havahart® Wireless is here to help! We’ve developed the best wireless dog fences on the market, and we have the great reviews to prove it.


Havahart® Wireless offers two types of wireless dog fences – radial and custom-shaped. The radial fence creates a wireless barrier that emanates from a central signal station. The custom fence allows you to adjust the shape with multiple signal stations. Which is best for your yard? Find out by comparing the two systems.



What is the Best Wireless Dog Fence


DogFenceDIY is an independent advice and review site aimed at helping dog lovers pick out the best containment fences for their property. We were thrilled to have these experts review our Radial Select Dog Fence:

“The Havahart® Wireless Radial Select is the best wireless dog fence. First released in 2010, the Havahart® Wireless systems dramatically improved the reliability of wireless systems with more accurate boundaries, faster response times, and bigger coverage areas.”


The same team also reviewed our Custom-Shape Select and we earned similar kudos:


“The Havahart Custom Wireless, is a big step forward for wireless fences. For the first time you get a custom boundary line without needing to lay wire. … This is much faster and easier to set up than a wired system. You can be up and running inside of an hour. And you never have to hunt a wire break!”


We definitely appreciate that kind of praise, especially when it comes from folks who have reviewed dozens of dog fence set-ups.


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Read our Radial Shape Select Customer Reviews


You’ve read the expert’s reviews, now read our customers. Below is a sampling of reviews posted from satisfied Havahart® Wireless customers. Discover how Havahart® Wireless dog fences worked in their yards to keep dogs safe, happy and contained.


5 out of 5 stars.  By  lovincountryliving

Wireless Fence
“This is one of the best investments we have made! We recently moved into the country and our dogs were used to a fenced yard. I wanted to be able to expand their area as they got used to the new place. The new Havahart Wireless fence fit our needs perfectly and allows our dogs to roam their area with out going too far. Great purchase! Thanks Havahart!!”



5 out of 5 stars.  By  flogvul

“Have ten acres and was looking for a way to contain dog in a large area. Looked into underground fence and for almost an acre it was almost $1000. Instructions very simple and easy to follow. Set up went quick. Still training dog but dog is catching on quick only after 3 days. Seems very good quality, collar is very nice. Wish would of bought a few years ago. So easy to set up, less than an hour for a two acre set up.”



4 out of 5 stars.  By  pmcam

Ease of Set Up and Results
“Just purchased and installed at our cabin. Only issue was loading the collars to the system however called the helpline and the representative was outstanding. It appears that the collars came loaded to the system and needed to be deleted first (should mention this in the instructions). Overall it was easy to set up and our dog has quickly adapted to it. Very happy at this point.”



3 out of 5 stars.  By  mikie 6

Very easy to use and understand
“Had the fence up and running in fifteen minutes, outbuildings blocking signal do interfere with fence continuity, have to move base unit to strongest full coverage area.”



5 out of 5 stars.  By  Donny

Best Investment For Dog Lovers
“More than skeptical, I made the plunge!!..Wow in 7 days my Golden Retriever puppy 10 months old (MAGGIE MAE) was out on supervised runs with no leash!! This product has made her a better dog already, She feels like we trust her because she is free to roam with no leash or being yelled at.. True test was her sitting in the driveway waiting for me to return when I walked to road to bring trash can back. She sat and waited patiently. 30 days in she is trained and could be unsupervised, but we never leave her unsupervised. Trust me.. You will be pleased. The custom shape was the answer to our problems at half the price of getting an underground fence installed. Plus this company is top notch, they wont even sell you the product if it is not a good fit for you or your property. I think they really care!!”



5 out of 5 stars.  By  Tanya

Worked For Me
After reading numerous reviews and looking at multiple brands, I finally took the bait and bought Havahart custom wireless. I’ll admit it was not cheap and I was EXTREMELY skeptical! I was skeptical about a wireless fence to begin with, especially with two dogs that were 7 and 9 years old and had never been fenced in before. Due to moving to a new state, the laws changed and I needed a fence ASAP. However, I found it really EXPENSIVE to try and fence 10 acres and with a limited budget, well...I looked for other options. So I started looking for alternatives and after doing all the research, wireless seemed right for me. Thanks Havahart this fence is exactly what I needed!”


Read all Radial or Custom wireless reviews.


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Types of Wireless Dog Fences


Radial-Shape Select Wireless Fences

Our Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence makes containing your dog easy – there are no wires to bury! The system creates a circular fence boundary inside of which your dogs can roam and play. The play area is huge, too. A Havahart® Wireless radial fence can cover up to 11 acres! – That’s 20x’s more roaming area than any other Wireless Dog Fence brand!


The Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence provides dog owners with our Exclusive In-Home Boundary Breach Alert giving pet parents peace of mind, knowing that their dogs are safe.  Our patented 2 way communication between the controller and collar lets you know exactly where your dog is in the roaming area. The 3’-6’ Trigger Zone, makes for a tighter, more consistent Fence Boundary, and the system has built in safety features that will not correct your dog when re-entering the boundary if breached.
Depending on your property size, setting up the Radial-Shape Select Wireless Fence generally takes about an hour.


Custom-Shape Select Wireless Fences

The Custom-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence is the only customizable wireless dog fence on the market. That means you can keep dogs out of flower beds, away from busy roads, out of the pond and restrict them from any other area you choose.  By setting up these exclusion zones, your dogs are free to be themselves without any hassle on your part.

Even better, the play area for the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence can cover up to 25 acres! With such an expansive area, keeping your dogs happy while keeping them safe is easy. With our exclusive In-Home Boundary Breach Alert and customized correction levels will allow maximum freedom and protection for your dog, and bring peace of mind for you for years to come.

As an added bonus, there are absolutely no wires to bury, so you won’t be tearing up your lawn and landscaping to install it.


Covers 11 Acres!

Radial Boundary – Up to 11 Acres

Our patented wireless technology allows the Radial Fence to cover the largest Roaming Area on the market - up to 11 acres !   Learn More »

Quick and Easy Setup

Quick and Easy Setup

Our Radial-Shape Wireless Fence features a Digital Controller and user-friendly settings. Only takes about 1 hour to install!   Learn More »

No Digging Required!

No Digging Necessary!

Our wireless technology does not require you to
bury a wire - No expensive installation costs!   Learn More »

Safety Alerts!

Safety Features

Your dog’s safety is our top priority. This System features an exclusive in-home Boundary Breach Alert, the ability to monitor Collar Battery life and a 30-second safety time-out feature.   Learn More »



Our Radial Fence Controller is compact and
portable, allowing you to take the System
from property to property.   Learn More »


Covers 25 Acres!

Custom Boundary – Up to 25 Acres

Our Custom Fence is suitable for large properties that are up to 25 acres. This is the first Wireless Fence on the market that can be customized to the contours of your property.    Learn More »

Time and Cost Effective!

Cost Effective

Our Custom-Shape Wireless Fence is less expensive than competitive installed in-ground fences.   Learn More »

No Digging!

No Digging Necessary!

Our wireless technology does not require you to bury a wire - No expensive installation costs!   Learn More »

Safety Features!

Safety Features

Your dog’s safety is our top priority. This System features an exclusive in-home Boundary Breach Alert, the ability to monitor Collar Battery life and a 30-second safety time-out feature.   Learn More »


Exclusion Zones

This exclusive feature allows you to
keep your dog out of certain areas
of your yard!    Learn More »


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Wireless Dog Fence Features to Consider


Dog Size / Number of Dogs – With wireless dog fences, it is recommended that your dogs are at least 6 months old and weigh at least 8 lbs. each.  Our wireless systems are designed to monitor up to two dogs. Proper training is an essential part of wireless containment fencing.   


Coverage Area – Our wireless dog fences offer two types of boundaries, circular or customizable, which allows the fence to fit the contours and borders of your property.  The Radial-Shape Select can cover up to 11 acres of property. The Custom-Shape Select can contain as little as 2 acres and as many as 25 acres. See which fence will work best for you.


Batteries – Both Radial and Custom Shape Select come with rechargeable batteries.  The Collar uses one rechargeable Battery. Battery life depends on the activity level of your dog and the length of time the Collar is worn, but will typically last 1 to 3 days.  Because of the continuous communication between the Controller and Collar, if your dog is highly active and goes in and out of the trigger zone, the battery may need to be charged daily. Two Batteries come with the System, so you can always keep one Battery charged. The System will alert you inside your home if your dog has breached the Fence Boundary.


Boundary Breach Alerts – Our exclusive In-Home Boundary Breach Alert lets you know when your dogs are close to the boundary or when they have actually crossed it.  With those kinds of alerts in place, you’re guaranteed peace of mind any time your dogs are outside.


Correction Levels – These systems allow you to customize the level of correction for two collars. It is important to choose a level of correction that is suitable for the size, age and temperament of your dogs. There are six different settings, including tone-only (default) and five humane static correction levels.


Installation – With no wires to bury, you won’t have to compromise your yard and landscaping by digging trenches.  Setup is easy and can take up to two hours.  Property types could play a factor in the choosing of your system. Be sure to read which property type will work best for you – either Radial or Custom.


Training - Proper training is essential to ensure the successful operation of your wireless dog fence. Following the phases, from Preliminary to Phase 5, outlined in the instruction manual will help your dogs understand and learn their new boundaries.

Every dog is unique and may respond differently to training. Keep the training sessions short and frequent, approximately 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day, without skipping any phases. It is important to complete the entire training process.

If you are training more than one dog, train each dog separately.



Wireless Fence Dog Training Phases


Preliminary Phase

Flat Awareness Training

3 Days (Optional)

Phase 1

Passive Training

Days 1-3

Phase 2

Active Training

Days 4-7

Phase 3

On-Leash Training

Days 8-11

Phase 4

Off-Leash Supervision

Days 12-15

Phase 5

Dog Monitoring

Day 16 and beyond


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The Bottom Line

Still considering a wireless fence? Not sure you’re ready to go off-leash?


We’ve designed our Happy Customer policy with you in mind! Every wireless fence we sell comes with a 10-year warranty and free return shipping within the first 30 days.


Rest assured that we engineer our fences with all of the above features in mind to give our customers (and their dogs) the best experience possible!


If you have questions before your purchase, talk with one of our wireless fence experts.
800-800-1819 ext. 453.
We man the phones from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturdays.



Radial Shape Fence System


Circle-Shape Boundary

  • Containment area up to 11 acres
  • Enhanced system safety features
  • Small & med/large dog systems available
Custom-Shape Fence System


Customizable shape fence boundary

  • Containment area up to 25 acres
  • Create up to 4 exclusion zones within the boundary
  • Includes in-home boundary breach alert for extra safety


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