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Works Great!!


Having talked with the GREAT customer service reps twice before our purchase & once after we realized that our yard wasn’t the best fit for this fence...that being said, we have made some changes to the “decor” of our yard, trimmed some shrubs down & our dogs already being somewhat trained to stay in the yard with the use of a shock collar, this fence has worked great in keeping our sneaky loved ones at home. The product is great, works as it should & is easy to set up. 10 stars!! --TSY




We have had our fence for three years and love it. Dog loves it. Never know how we lived without it! --Sue


Worked For Me


After reading numerous reviews and looking at multiple brands, I finally took the bait and bought Havahart custom wireless. I’ll admit it was not cheap and I was EXTREMELY skeptical! I was skeptical about a wireless fence to begin with, especially with two dogs that were 7 and 9 years old and had never been fenced in before. Due to moving to a new state, the laws changed and I needed a fence ASAP. However, I found it really EXPENSIVE to try and fence 10 acres and with a limited budget, well...I looked for other options. So I started looking for alternatives and after doing all the research, wireless seemed right for me. Thanks Havahart this fence is exactly what I needed! --Tanya


Best Investment For Dog Lovers


More than skeptical, I made the plunge!!..Wow in 7 days my Golden Retriever puppy 10 months old (MAGGIE MAE) was out on supervised runs with no leash!! This product has made her a better dog already, She feels like we trust her because she is free to roam with no leash or being yelled at.. True test was her sitting in the driveway waiting for me to return when I walked to road to bring trash can back. She sat and waited patiently. 30 days in she is trained and could be unsupervised, but we never leave her unsupervised. Trust me.. You will be pleased. The custom shape was the answer to our problems at half the price of getting an underground fence installed. Plus this company is top notch, they wont even sell you the product if it is not a good fit for you or your property. I think they really care!! --Donny


Great System With A Few Shortcomings


We have had the Custom Fence installed for about 9 months now and we are very impressed. It works great with 2- 3feet of snow on the ground where previous wired fences will not work. Our two Springer Spaniel’s adapted very well to the fence. It is so nice to just let them out, not having to be on leashes, or constantly supervised.


Set-up took a little longer than advertised, as I was playing with the base station locations to optimize the boarder, but after a few days of playing I got the setup we wanted.


The collars are the major weak link. We have gone through 4 of them. They would start to flash red even though the batteries are over 75% charged according to the monitor, (we know that the flashing red does not mean the batteries need to be replaced) Warranty replacement was awesome


Sometimes after a power outage the fence does not seem to be working, so I have had to power off all bases then power back on in the 1-4 order and things are back to normal.


Also be weary if you have other equipment using the 2.4GHz band, as my surveillance cameras would interfere with the fence, but they are constantly transmitting on one freq., so we have to turn them off when we are at home, not a big deal but...

WiFi and cordless phones seem ok


Even though the cost is very high it is well worth the money IMO.


A couple of neighbors are very interested in this fence after seeing how it works for me, however it is not available for purchase in Canada yet. --Bob



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Very Effective on a Stubborn Dog


Great fence that allowed me to train my dog. I own a basset hound which is very stubborn and likes to follow his nose. Installation was easy and we do not have to worry about him disappearing. --Brown


It trained my beagle in no time!


Seriously, my beagle runs after anything! And not at a cute, lumbering speed like my Bernese Mt Dog. She BOLTS like she was shot out of a cannon, full-tilt, head up, tail down, like a maniac! We have resorted to putting her behind a baby gate if we are going to be in and out of the house a lot, because one little slip-up and ZOOM! She’s out like a dart. Chasing anything that spurs her little hunting dog instinct. Anything from a dangerous postal carrier or speeding car breaking our subdivision’s 25 mph by a mph or two....to a leaf blowing across HER yard or the scent of a neighbor two blocks away grilling their dinner. Yup, everything sets her off running!


Well, now she has her little collar on and because she is so smart, she only got too close to the flag/fence line three or four times. The collar emits a warning signal, letting her know she is getting close to where it will give her a static notice. The same day we put this on her, she has stayed clear of the fence line. Now, if she does get past us, into the yard, she doesn’t even go full-tilt! As soon as she gets out, she is a little cautious, but still very enthusiastic! She goes out, and is alert, but not darting up the road. It’s like she instantly became a guard dog, not a crazed runner! Love it. Glad I have it.


Easy to install. We used the end of a shovel and just pushed the tip into the ground in a kind of semi-circle, then laid the wire in. No problem.


Our house is a lot more calm now! Normally if the doorbell rang we all jumped into action, to our posts! Grab the beagle! Put up the baby gate! Try not to stand in the doorway to talk to whomever was at the door! Ack! This Havahart Fence Free Containment System makes things a lot nicer for all of us.--Mage


Great And Effective


Let me tell you the pros and cons of the “Havahart Fence Free Underground Dog Fence”.



1. Simple instructions, Easy setup

2. Humane

3. Works fast


Cons: As for cons, there are none that I can really think of aside from the fact that if your yard is small and close to a road this system WILL NOT instantly stop your dog from running after cars and possibly getting hit until it learns the boundaries and stops (which can take anywhere from a day to a month depending on your dog).


Personally I love this... Once I set this up in my yard it only took a few days before my dog learned not to pass the boundaries, now she doesn’t keep running off and getting all muddy and I don’t have to give her a bath every day! YAY :) --Terry


Good Dog Stay!


I foster dogs and have a lab mix that is a fence climber. I was skeptical that this would keep him in but it actually works and he stays away from the fence now. Was easy to lay in front of my pipe fences.. Now when diesel goes to chase something in my pasture or sees someone in the road his collar emits a sound warning him.. He actually stays- I would like to get another collar for my other dogs but they are very pricey. This is a great system. Going to do a video of how well it works. --Kristen


Works Well


This keeps my dog in...she ran through it once and did not know how to get back in but after the training period it works nice. I still pref a real fence because this does not keep kids or other dogs out and a determined dog can bolt through. I have nothing to compare it to but seems to be a 4 star product. --JJ






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