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Pet Containment Reviews


Havahart® Wireless has created its line of Wireless Dog Fences with your dog's safety in mind, offering the largest Roaming Area on the market and unique in-home Boundary Breach Alerts. The systems also include a wider Trigger Zone, which provides your dog with the opportunity to turn back into the safety of the Roaming Area. Additional safety features and state-of-the-art technology give your dog freedom to roam and play, while offering you peace of mind knowing he's doing so safely. Learn what other consumers are saying about the Radial-Shape2 and Custom-Shape Systems by reading these wireless dog fence reviews.


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Custom-Shape Fence

(12 Reviews)


Works Great!!    May 2013

Reviewer: Tsy


Having talked with the GREAT customer service reps twice before our purchase & once after we realized that our yard wasn't the best fit for this fence...that being said, we have made some changes to the "decor" of our yard, trimmed some shrubs down & our dogs already being somewhat trained to stay in the yard with the use of a shock collar, this fence has worked great in keeping our sneaky loved ones at home. The product is great, works as it should & is easy to set up. 10 stars!!


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Great system with a few shortcomings    February 2013

Reviewer: Bob


We have had the Custom Fence installed for about 9 months now and we are very impressed. It works great with 2- 3feet of snow on the ground where previous wired fences will not work. Our two Springer Spaniel's adapted very well to the fence. It is so nice to just let them out, not having to be on leashes, or constantly supervised.


Set-up took a little longer than advertised, as I was playing with the base station locations to optimize the boarder, but after a few days of playing I got the setup we wanted.


The collars are the major weak link. We have gone through 4 of them. They would start to flash red even though the batteries are over 75% charged according to the monitor, (we know that the flashing red does not mean the batteries need to be replaced) Warranty replacement was awesome


Sometimes after a power outage the fence does not seem to be working, so I have had to power off all bases then power back on in the 1-4 order and things are back to normal.


Also be weary if you have other equipment using the 2.4GHz band, as my surveillance cameras would interfere with the fence, but they are constantly transmitting on one freq, so we have to turn them off when we are at home, not a big deal but


WiFi and cordless phones seem ok


Even though the cost is very high it is well worth the money IMO.


A couple of neighbors are very interested in this fence after seeing how it works for me, however it is not available for purchase in Canada yet.


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Best investment for dog lovers    February 2013

Reviewer: Donny


More than skeptical, I made the plunge!!..Wow in 7 days my Golden Retriever puppy 10 months old (MAGGIE MAE) was out on supervised runs with no leash!! This product has made her a better dog already, She feels like we trust her because she is free to roam with no leash or being yelled at.. True test was her sitting in the driveway waiting for me to return when I walked to road to bring trash can back. She sat and waited patiently. 30 days in she is trained and could be unsupervised, but we never leave her unsupervised. Trust me.. You will be pleased. The custom shape was the answer to our problems at half the price of getting an underground fence installed. Plus this company is top notch, they wont even sell you the product if it is not a good fit for you or your property. I think they really care!!


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Worked for me    September 2012

Reviewer: Tanya


After reading numerous reviews and looking at multiple brands, I finally took the bait and bought Havahart custom wireless. I'll admit it was not cheap and I was EXTREMELY skeptical! I was skeptical about a wireless fence to begin with, especially with two dogs that were 7 and 9 years old and had never been fenced in before. Due to moving to a new state, the laws changed and I needed a fence ASAP. However, I found it really EXPENSIVE to try and fence 10 acres and with a limited budget, well...I looked for other options. So I started looking for alternatives and after doing all the research, wireless seemed right for me. Thanks Havahart this fence is exactly what I needed!


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Works even with metal roof    September 2012

Reviewer: csaw


We were told the fence wouldn't work with a metal roof on our home. But decided to give it a try any way. Took a while to get it set up, but the results are great. Our 1 year old boxer will not cross over the line even when the small grandson is here and the dog loves him. The only problem we have had is the collar isn't very water proof. Our boxer loves to play in water sprinkler and I have to remove collar because it will get water in it. But over all very pleased with the fence it has kept him safe. Thank you!


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Amazon Review    July 2012

Reviewer: Lilly


Love It! I'm very glad I got this fencing system for my 2 dogs. Now I finally have a safe way of keeping them confined yet free to roam within the enclosure. The process of setting this system up was a bit time consuming. But once we had it in place I found it to be well worth our time and effort. My dogs adjusted to this new fence fairly quickly and have had no problems with it thus far. Definitely a great tool!


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Amazon Review - Easy Wireless Dog Fence with Complete Control.    June 2012

Reviewer: J. Beardsley


The Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is amazing, and was just the right solution for our home and family. We have a fenced in back yard with a short picket fence, and an open front yard. Small dogs have escaped under the pickets in the back yard in the past. The Havahart system solves this problem! The system comes with everything you need to get going, and by the time you have it all set up, you'll feel like you are living in the future of pet ownership


There are four controllers plus one main controller that get installed in your home, plus a series of flags you place around your yard to form the fence. With these flags you can create special exclusion zones within the roaming area, so you can keep your dog out of flower beds, the pool, etc. Of course, the main component is the special collar for your dog to wear while running around the yard. I was worried about the correction the collar would give the dog, but was relieved to find out that the default signal is only an audible. You can adjust your correction signals from there depending on how the training is going and your dog's personality. I was worried that the flags around the yard would be highly inconvenient and a pain for mowing and trimming purposes. That problem is solved, at least in the back yard, by attaching the flag to the fence slightly above the ground. That way I can trim the fence line without damaging the flags, and I don't have to remove them every time I mow. In the front yard, the flags need to be moved when mowing; however, it allows the dog to run around the front yard without fear of running off - something that could not be done in the past.


The setup is amazing - and cool! You hook the main unit into your computer via USB. Using the software, you can see the virtual fence around your yard, with exclusion zones. You can also see the location of your base units. Most amazingly, you can see your dog as it's running around the roaming area. This is accomplished through triangulation of the bases. Like I said, very cool!


A couple of points to note: your dog must be at least six months old, and at least 8 pounds in weight to use this system. That adequately covers all but the smallest of dogs.


This system is an excellent tool for training your dog to stay within the boundaries of the yard. Its features will make you want to try different setups and exclusions zones - it's so much fun. I highly recommend this product for families with dogs and the need to keep them within the bounds of their property. While the system is expensive, it does everything it claims, and it is far cheaper than installing a full fence.


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Amazon Review    May 2012

Reviewer: Leslie


After many attempts to set up this system we have been unable to get it to work at all, even after calling and having the controller replaced. Our property is large, wooded, has a pond and a couple of small hills. Maybe if it was flat and open it would have worked. I regret spending the money to try it.


Dear Leslie,


Thank you for your online review, your feedback is important to us. We apologize that you were not satisfied with the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence (model 5144G). From the description of your property, the woods on your property will cause the greatest interference of the wireless signal. Depending on how dense the trees are on your property we may be able to assist you in improving your fence boundary.


Liz Ricca
Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


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Labrador puppy    November 2011

Reviewer: Gary


We just moved into a new house and needed a solution for containing our lab puppy without putting up a "real" fence. We found the Custom Havahart system last minute and decided to give it a shot. It only took our one-year old lab 5-6 days to be able to roam the yard freely. We have a big creek in the back yard that he used to run in for the first couple weeks we had the home, now he won't even consider stepping foot in there becuase it is blocked off. We were skeptical at first, but the Havahart system has been absolutely wonderful!


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Didn't work for me    November 2011

Reviewer: Tracy


After setting, resetting the fence line and the bases, it didn't work for my property. The boundary varied too much. I have a half acre property with a wooden fence around 3 sides and lake front on the last side; winter is my problem when the lake freezes and snow is piled above the fence. The correction varied too much in the same location - within 6 ft of the boundary one time and then 10+feet the second time. This inconsistency made it tough to reset the flags and to train the dog. It really limited my dog's use of the property. I sent it back and will go with an underground wire system.


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Problems    July 2011

Reviewer: Kathy


This collar is awesome the only problem is they are very fragile. The buckle on one of my collars broke. Also the screw that holds in the battery unscrews its self - a repair kit should be given because the buckle is so fragile. One of my dogs shredded the $150 collar.


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Wonderful!    April 2011

Reviewer: doglover


We've only had the collar on our dog for about two weeks and I have to say it's been a God-send to us. Our very stubborn 8 month old red-boned coon hound only needs to hear the "warning tone" and she turns right around and comes back to the house. I would definitely recommend this to anyone - only wish we would have purchased the extra collar for our German Shepard. :)


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