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Compare Customized Wireless Dog Fence Option to Underground Wired Option


Wireless Fence - Customized Underground Wired
Item Model #5144GSEL  
Cost $999 $1200*
Coverage Area Up to 25 Acres 1 Acre
System Wireless Wired
Functionality Digital Manual
Installation DIY Professional
Digging Required No Yes
Rechargeable Batteries Yes No
Portable Yes No
Collar Waterproof Waterproof

*Cost based on 1 acre




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Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape Select, Custom-Shape Select or Havahart® Fence Free should not be confused with Invisible Fence®, Invisible Fencing® or PetSafe®. Invisible Fencing® or Invisible Fence® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence, Inc. PetSafe® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.






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