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German Shepherds

Also referred to as Alsatian or Deutscher Schaferhund

Find some great facts about this breed. Learn about the average
height & weight, the typical colorings & temperaments, plus information
about their activity level, age expectancy, typical health concerns & more!

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German Shepherd

All About German Shepherds

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Average Height & Weight

The German Shepherd is considered a LARGE dog based on the average height and weight.


Males – Height: 24 to 26 inches.

Weight: 75 to 95 pounds.

Females – Height: 22 to 24 inches.

Weight: 75 to 95 pounds.

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German Shepherd


Typical Coloring

German Shepherds come in many colors, but black and tan are most common.





German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and hard working. They are affectionate to their owners but shy around strangers and other dogs. They are often used as police dogs due to their great ability to focus on a mission.




Activity Level

German Shepherds require more exercise than almost any other breed. Their ancestors were sheep herders (hence their name), and they are used to spending time outside, running around. Mental activity is just as important as physical to these dogs — they enjoy learning new things.


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Breed Characteristics



Age Expectancy

10 to 12 years

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Known Breed-Related Health Issues

The most common health concerns for German Shepherds include canine hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Progressive posterior paresis, pyotraumatic dermatitis, malignant neoplasms, pannus, cataract, gastric torsion, perianal fistulas and cardiomyopathy are less common but still occur within the breed, while pancreatic insufficiency is seen occasionally. Moreso than other dogs, German Shepherds are susceptible to Aspergillus, a fungal infection that can prove fatal if left untreated.




Ideal Climates for this Breed

German Shepherds have a medium tolerance for both hot and cold climates.



German Shepherd


Family Orientation
(good with kids, or other pets?)

Though German Shepherds are aloof and not very playful, they are exceptional watchdogs, making them a very popular family pet. They are shy toward other dogs but get along with other pets.




Fun Facts  


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