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Flat-Coated Retriever


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All About Flat-Coated Retrievers

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Average Height & Weight

The Flat-Coated Retriever is considered a LARGE dog based on the average height and weight.


Males – Height: 23 to 24.5 inches.

Weight: 60 to 70 pounds.

Females – Height: 22 to 23.5 inches.

Weight: 60 to 70 pounds.

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Flat-Coated Retriever


Typical Coloring

Flat-Coated Retrievers are commonly black, liver and yellow.





Determined, enthusiastic dogs that are equally suited to work or show, Flat-Coated Retrievers are relentlessly cheerful and display a great sense of humor. They are lively outside but generally quiet down when they come indoors.




Activity Level

Flat-Coated Retrievers are a medium-energy breed with moderate exercise requirements.

They require a daily workout, preferably swimming or hunting, but a brisk outside play session or walk will also do. If they do not get enough physical and mental exercise, they are prone to misbehaving.


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Breed Characteristics



Age Expectancy

10 to 14 years

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Known Breed-Related Health Issues

The most common health concern for Flat-Coated Retrievers is canine hip dysplasia. Progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy and diabetes are less common but still occur within the breed.




Ideal Climates for this Breed

Flat-Coated Retrievers have a medium tolerance for hot and cold climates.



Flat-Coated Retriever


Family Orientation
(good with kids, or other pets?)

Flat-Coated Retrievers make a wonderful family dog and do well around children. They are very friendly toward other dogs and household pets.





Fun Facts  


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