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Bernese Mountain Dogs

Also referred to as Berner Sennenhund or Bernese Cattle Dog

Find some great facts about this breed. Learn about the average
height & weight, the typical colorings & temperaments, plus information
about their activity level, age expectancy, typical health concerns & more!

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Bernese Mountain Dog

All About Bernese Mountain Dogs

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Average Height & Weight

The Bernese Mountain Dog is considered a LARGE dog based on the average height and weight.


Males – Height: 25 to 27.5 inches.

Weight: 90 to 120 pounds.

Females – Height: 23 to 26 inches.

Weight: 70 to 100 pounds.

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Bernese Mountain Dog


Typical Coloring

Bernese Mountain Dogs are commonly are tri-colored (black, rust and white).





Easygoing and calm, Bernese Mountain Dogs are ideal family pets. They are sensitive to the moods of their owners and extremely loyal to them. They are hard workers, and their gentle nature makes them excellent therapy dogs.




Activity Level

Bernese Mountain Dogs require moderate daily exercise, ideally outdoors, as they like being outside. Harking back to their days as work dogs, they enjoy pulling when given the chance.


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Breed Characteristics



Age Expectancy

7 to 9 years

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Known Breed-Related Health Issues

The most common health concerns for Bernese Mountain Dogs include canine hip dysplasia and histicytosis. Fragmented coronoid process, gastric torsion and progressive retinal atrophy are less common but still occur within the breed, while hypomyelination is seen occasionally.




Ideal Climates for this Breed

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a low tolerance for hot climates, and they should be monitored for signs of heatstroke in hot and humid weather. They have a very high tolerance for cold climates.



Bernese Mountain Dog


Family Orientation
(good with kids, or other pets?)

Patient and calm, Bernese Mountain Dogs are very good with children. They are friendly toward other dogs and very friendly toward other pets, though often reserved with human strangers.




Fun Facts  


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