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Have A Happy & Safe Halloween!


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Halloween can be fun for dogs. There is a lot of excitement and a lot of new faces.  To ensure that your dog has a safe and happy Halloween, there are a few precautions which you should take surrounding:

  • Visitors or Trick-or-Treaters
  • Decorations
  • Dog Costumes


During the Halloween/Trick or Treat time frame, it is strongly recommended that you make sure your dog is directly supervised and kept indoors if possible.  The constant flurry of activity at your door when Trick or Treaters arrive to fill their goody bags can cause your dog to become overly excited or possibly stressed.


The constant ringing of the door-bell, chimes of ”Trick-or-Treat” from your guests or their colorful costumes might frighten or confuse your dog. If your dog is not used to interacting with children or becomes excitable with all of the constant activity at your door, it might be best to move him to another room away from your visitors or leave him with a friend that is not participating in the evening’s events. This will help your dog enjoy the evening more & it can also eliminate fear that young trick-or-treaters might have of a strange dog.


Decorating for the holiday can be just as much fun as the actual evening’s events.  When placing decorations around your home such as candles, party streamers, glass or ceramic decorations, make sure they are not within reach of your dog. In some cases an excited dog can result in an active dog.  By taking these precautions you can avoid any accidents concerning your dog or objects within your home.


There are some fun costumes available for dogs. While some dogs may enjoy wearing costumes, other dogs might become uncomfortable & stressed.  If you would like to try dressing your dog up for Halloween, try taking small steps in the beginning to see if your pet is receptive.  To see how your pet would react, try a putting a bandanna around the collar of your dog to make sure he is comfortable. If your dog handles it well, try going a step further.  If he resists, don’t force the issue.  If your dog seems to enjoy getting dressed up, make sure that you choose a costume that fits comfortably.  Loose-fitting costumes can get caught on objects or cause your dog to stumble.  Tight fitting costumes restrict your dog’s movements & cause undo pressure on your pet.  Make sure the costumes do not have buttons, tassels or strings that your pet could possibly chew off & choke on.


Take extra precautions this Halloween.  Your dog can be part of the fun as long as you use common sense when it comes to your dog’s safety.  Always make sure that your dog wears an identification tag, keep your dog leashed when outdoors, and keep him away from potentially harmful situations.


From all of us at Havahart® Wireless, have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!


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