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Expressing Thanks to Your Dog - Give Back

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Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude for our family, friends and many others in our lives. While we are celebrating, either steeped in tradition with turkey and all the trimmings, naps, football, and family or creating your own, let’s also take the time to be thankful for our four-legged friend.


Here you will find ways to ‘give back’ to your best friend during the holiday and every day!


Let Your Dog Sniff to His Heart’s Content


Admit it...we’ve all impatiently waited for the dog to finish sniffing the mysteriously empty spot on the ground only to pull him away because we felt a drop of rain. Did you know that scent is a dog’s primary sense, giving it the tremendous ability to identify other animals and people? Give back by taking the time to go on an extra-long walk, take a new path and allow Fido plenty of sniffing time to satisfy his needs.


Make Your Own Healthy Dog Treats


Milk-Bone® snacks and rawhide chews certainly are convenient and easy, but why not give back and make homemade doggie treats? Check out these healthy dog treat recipes that are quick and easy to make and nutritious too.


Building the Perfect Crash Pad


Chances are if you’re an outdoors person, your dog will be too. Whatever you’re doing, whether tending to the garden, weeding the flower bed or sitting on the porch, you’re canine companion will be right by your side. Give back to Fido by creating a perfect place for him while outdoors. If you’re crafty, build a dog house and include all the essentials, food and water bowls, toys, even a mat for him to rest on. Time spent with your dog is priceless, he loves you and your love him. Make sure that whatever activities you do in the yard, your dog is safe and protected from running away. Check out these wireless pet fences for safe pet containment.


Nothing Beats Your Attention


Your dog is your child and craves your love, attention and approval. Although we have a full life outside of our dog, like family, work and hobbies, giving him your fullest attention and care, even if only for an hour a day, can make all the difference between a happy dog and one who only exists on the periphery of your lifestyle. Give back by showing your thanks and love every day, and find out how rewarding pet companionship can really be.


What are some ways you 'give back' to your pet?



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