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Keys To Success - Factors that May Affect Your Fence Boundary


Whether you have a Custom-Shape or Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence, different factors may affect the shape of your wireless dog fence boundary.  Most factors will have minor effects that can be overcome, but some factors will have severe effects that may be difficult to supress.

Make sure to understand these factors before making a wireless fence purchase or installing your wireless pet containment system.




Factors that can Affect your Wireless Dog Fence


Identifying Factors

All wireless devices experience factors that can affect signal strength. Mobile phones are a good example of products that can experience these circumstances. Like mobile phones, the Bases of the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence and the Fence Controller of the Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence can receive interference from various objects which can affect your Fence Boundary. This causes an occurence called attenuation.

objects that can cause interference for your wireless fence


Attenuation is when objects such as home appliances, electrical power meters and large bushes or trees interfere with the signal strength and affect the shape of the Trigger Zone in certain areas of your Fence Boundary.


Simply put, attentuation alters the shape of your fence and causes the shape of your wireless pet containment area to be different then you anticipated. More on attenuation here...


place bases away from signal limiting obstructions

This means if the shape of your fence has been altered by an attenuating object, your fence will remain the same, altered, shape until the attenuating object is moved.



The proper placement of the Bases/Controller within the home as well as understanding the location of these obstacles on your property is the key to success with your wireless dog fence.




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Attenuation – Bow or Dip in the Fence Boundary



custom-shape dip

When the Trigger Zone is obstructed by an object as mentioned above, the resulting shape of the Trigger Zone can bow or dip inward, form a loop or cross over loop or form a jagged edge. When this happens, the object between the Bases/Controller and the set Trigger Zone is said to attenuate the radio signal or the Trigger Zone.



radial-shape dip


The closer an obstructing object is to the Trigger Zone or the closer a metallic object such as a mirror is to the Bases/Controller, the greater the interfering effect it can have on the Trigger Zone.  Likewise, the more dense an obstructing object is, the more severe the dip or shaping effect of the Trigger Zone.




Wide Trigger Zone


Your Fence Boundary may vary depending upon obstructions


With perfect line of sight and no obstructions between the Bases/FenceController and the Havahart® Wireless Collar, the system will create a Trigger Zone about 6 feet wide. With obstructions, the Trigger Zone can expand to around 13 feet.


Havahart® Wireless uses Patented Technology to create the most advanced Wireless Fence system designed to accommodate for and minimize interference and attenuation.


For more information to minimize the factors that may affect your wireless fence boundary, please visit:


Expert Tips for the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence


Expert Tips for the Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence



Should you need additional help to minimize wireless signal interference for your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence, please call 1-800-800-1819, Option 453.


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