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Keys To Success - Training Your Dog

Proper Dog training is the most crucial element to ensure the safe and successful operation of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence. Find below an interactive guide to faciliate the dog training process as well as detailed, printable instructions to guide you step-by-step.


It is important that you follow the instruction manual and complete the entire training process without skipping any phase. We engineer our products to allow proper dog training to ensure that your dog remains safe and has the freedom to explore you entire property.




Interactive Guide to Training your Dog

interactive guide to train your dog to use the havahart wireless  electric dog fence


Step-By-Step Instructions for Dog Training


For Best Results:

  • Keep your sessions short and frequent--approximately  10-15 minutes long, 2-3 times a day.
  • Be firm, consistent and patient.
  • End sessions with lots of playtime and praise.
  • And HAVE FUN!

Preliminary Phase -- Flag Awareness Dog Training -- Optional

Preliminary Phase


This OPTIONAL 3-day phase gives your dog more time to become familiar and comfortable with the Training Flags.  During this phase your dog will wear the Havahart® Collar but the wireless dog fence will be TURNED OFF.

download full instructions 



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Phase 1 -- Passive Dog Training -- DAY 1-3

Phase 1


This phase uses sound to introduce your dog to the Trigger Zone and teaches him to move away from the flags upon hearing the Havahart® Collar’s tone.

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Phase 2 -- Active Training -- DAY 4-7

Phase 2


During this phase, a low static correction is introduced to help discourage your dog from going beyond the wireless electric fence boundary.

download full instructions 




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Phase 3 -- On-Leash Distractions -- DAY 8-11

Phase 3


This phase is designed to teach your dog to ignore distractions that might tempt him to go outside the wireless electric fence boundary.

 download full instructions





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Phase 4 -- Off-Leash Supervision -- DAY 12-15

Phase 4


Similar to on-leash distraction training, this phase takes things one step further by removing the leash.  This phase will encourage your dog to move freely within the Roaming Area.

download full instructions



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Phase 5 -- Dog Monitoring -- DAY 16 AND BEYOND

Phase 5

Your dog should now be comfortable within the Roaming Area and reluctant to cross into the Trigger Zone with or without distractions.  It will be up to you, the owner, to keep an eye on your dog after completing the training and monitor his behavior.  Additional training may prove to be necessary.  After three additional weeks of successful dog containment, you can begin to gradually remove the training flags by taking away every other flag, every few days.


Remember:  Every dog is unique and may respond differently depending on age, size, temperament and ability to learn. Adjust your training accordingly.

download full instructions




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