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Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

Keys to Success -
Wireless Dog Fence Tips

Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

If you have questions about your Custom-Shape Fence, Havahart® Wireless has the answers.  From finding the ideal location for your bases and fence boundary to how to conserve battery life, Havahart® Wireless has you covered for all your wireless dog fence needs.


Planning your fence and training your dog are critical to the success of your wireless dog fence.  Factors that can affect your Fence Boundary need to be identified prior to purchasing and starting your fence set up.  This will enable you to determine if the Custom Shape wireless dog fence is right for you based on your property type.  If the Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence is not right for your property, we have a underground dog fence which provides safe protection for your dog, but does require digging.




Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence Tips

Placement of your Bases

20 feet between Bases

  • The Master Base A should be placed in the corner of your home closest to where your dog spends most of his time outdoors.
  • Bases should be placed at a minimum 20 feet apart. The farther the bases are from each other, the better their tracking capabilities.
  • Bases should be located 3 feet away from and 3 feet above the signal limiting items listed HERE for the interior and exterior of your home in order to minimize the factors that can cause attenuation.
  • Placement of your wireless fence basesIn some cases, placing a base on a window might solve issues you might have with objects in the home causing attenuation by creating a direct line of sight between the base and the problem area.
  • Make sure the bases are located within 6 feet of a 120V AC outlet. That is how long the power cords are.
  • The bases must be installed indoors as they cannot be exposed to moisture (ie. rain or snow).


Obstacles that may limit signal

In order to ensure a successful set up, please look for the following objects in your home and on your property prior to set up:

Interior of the home:   Mirrors, microwaves, and home appliances.


Exterior of the home:  Aluminum Siding, Metal down spouting, electrical power meters, air conditioning units, metal garage doors and stucco walls.


Property layout:  Large bushes, trees, extensive landscaping, above-ground pools, sheds and metal screened porches.


Once you have identified the following items, you can start planning the placement of your wireless controller, base, and fence boundary.


The Custom-Shape Fence is not for EVERY property


Although we would like to say that the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence will work on every property type or home construction, we unfortunately cannot.


Even with our superior patented technology, there are instances when the successful operation of any wireless dog fence will be very limited and not meet your needs. Because your satisfaction is important to us, we want to make sure you are aware of these circumstances prior to making a purchase.


Note:  In some cases the obstacles on your property such as a heavily wooded lot or extensive landscaping might be so dense that the system will not provide you with a  wireless dog fence boundary shape that satisfies your needs. In these particular cases, we would recommend our Underground Dog Fence, the Fence Free Pet Containment System



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Additional Help

Training your Dog


trainingOnce your fence boundary has been set, training your dog   is key to achieving your ultimate goal.  Each dog learns differently.  You will need to determine the appropriate speed for training and the wireless collar correction level needed based on the size and temperament of your dog.

  • We recommend this system be used on dogs over 6 months old weighing over 8 pounds.

  • Make sure the collar fits your dog appropriately.  The wireless collar fits dogs with neck sizes from 14 – 26 inches. Both short and long probes are included to help you provide a good fit.

  • Begin training on the tone-only setting (default setting). You can adjust the correction level as necessary.

  • Our training guidelines in the instruction manual encourage a full 12 – 15 days of training with your dog to ensure success.

Tips for the Wireless Collar & Batteries

    battery installation

  • It takes less than 3 hours to charge a battery

  • Always have an extra battery charged and ready

  • Make sure your dog is safely within the roaming area when placing the collar on your dog.

  • Always remove the wireless collar from your dog before adjusting any of the system components or settings.

  • Make sure the wireless collar fits snugly but not tightly, high on your dog’s neck with the probes facing upward and centered under your dog’s chin.

  • It is highly recommended to take the wireless collar off your dog when entering the home.

  • To help prevent skin irritation and increase battery life, Vets recommend that you never leave the collar on your dog for more than 12 consecutive hours at a time.


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Havahart Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence - groundbreaking technology that translates into the most advanced and reliable wireless dog fences in the industry.


Custom Shaped Wireless Fence Benefits


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