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How our Dog Training Devices Work

Dog Training


It's easier than you think to have a well-behaved dog.  In addition to our patented line of pet containment products, Havahart® also offers a selection of dog training devices to help you solve annoying misbehaviors such as barking, jumping on guests and furniture, chewing shoes or digging up your flower garden.







Remote Dog Trainer


The Havahart® Remote Dog Trainer is the ideal solution for bark control, jumping, digging and chewing as well as a vital tool to help teach basic commands such as sit, and stay.


Remote Dog TrainerThe Remote Dog Trainer uses state-of-the-art intelligent electronics to help train your dog to follow your directions/commands. This is a proven technique used by many dog training professionals.


It is a safe and highly effective method for both eliminating negative behavior and creating desired positive behavior.


How it Works


When you press the correction button on the hand-held remote, a static correction (of your selection) is sent to the receiver collar, worn by your dog, and a correction is delivered via the collar receiver probes.

Correct mis-behaviors


If you wish to use tone only to control behavior, simply press the warning button. Your dog will hear an audible tone instead of receiving stimulation and will begin to associate the tone to the misbehavior.


Train up to 2 dogs


Additionally, the hand-held dog trainer is capable of training 2 dogs at the same time.  The dog selector button lets you choose which dog receives the static or tone correction.  Training two dogs is possible with the use of the Havahart® Remote Trainer Extra Collar(item # 5125GX).


Check out the full instruction manual for more specifics about the Havahart® Remote Dog Trainer


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Watch How Easy it is to Set and Train Your Dog




Compare Remote Dog Trainers

Compare Remote Dog Trainers



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Ultrasonic Basic Dog Trainer


Correct your dog's misbehvaiors without using static correction.


The hand-held Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Dog Trainer corrects misbehavior such as jumping, barking, digging and chewing.  As the name implies, the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer works by emitting an ultrasonic sound Ultrasonic Basic Trainerthat, while inaudible to you, is heard by and distracts your dog.


The high frequency correction is silent to the human ear, making the unit truly ultrasonic.  With Select-a-Sound, the dog training device can be tuned to one of five different sounds to match your dog’s hearing sensitivity.


The dog training device can be used in Manual or Automatic mode.  In Manual mode, simply press the correction button whenever the unwanted action takes place.Manual and Automatic Mode Settings


In Automatic mode, the trainer is the static-less way to bark control.  The trainer has been programmed to recognize a full range of barking sounds produced by all size and breeds of dogs.  Set the ultrasonic trainer near your dog and when a bark is detected, the trainer will emit the pre-selected ultrasonic sound.


Works up to 25 feet away. No collar needed.


Check out the full instruction manual for more specifics about the Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer.


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Watch How Easy it is to Set and Train Your Dog




Compare Ultrasonic Dog Trainers


Compare Ultrasonic Trainers



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Havahart Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences - groundbreaking technology that translates into the most advanced and reliable wireless dog fence on the market.


Train and Contain with A Havahart Wireless Fence

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300 Foot Range
$222  $200.00 Sale
25 Foot Range
(not rated)
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