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Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

How our Radial-Shape2
Wireless Dog Fence Works

Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

Our Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence offers the largest containment area available - up to 13 acres! In addition to a larger Roaming Area, this Fence also features a wider Trigger Zone, which gives your dog more opportunity to turn back into the Roaming Area, and in-home Boundary Breach alerts, which keep your dog safe. Read more about our Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence below.





How our Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence Works


Radial Shape Wireless Dog Fence SystemOur powerful receivers send and receive radio transmissions, similiar to 2-way radios, to provide a reliable signal which keeps your dog safe and gives you peace of mind.


When radio signals are sent from the antennas of the Collar or Controller, they transmit in a spherical or omni-directional manner, thus creating the radial boundary of your dog fence.

The Controller communicates multiple times per second with the Wireless Collar to track the real-time location of your dog. This helps keep your dog safe and allows the Fence to react in real time.


When your dog reaches the Trigger Zone, the Fence Controller sends a command to the Collar to take action and correct (Tone-Only or Static – based on your settings).


Our radial shape fence allows you to customize the correction level to suit your pet's needs. Choose from either a Tone-Only setting or one of 5 Static pulse corrections.


Also, unlike other dog containment products, our correction is not constant, but rather is a cyclical pulse correction that reinforces the safety and training of your pet.


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Components of the Radial Shape Dog Fence


The Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence system has the following components: a Wireless Controller and a Wireless Collar.



Wireless Controller

Radial-Shape Fence Controller

   The Havahart® Wireless Controller provides easy setup, auditory alerts and easy management of your Wireless Fence.


The Controller broadcasts a signal multiple times per second and maintains a constant connection with your dog through the Collar.


This signal will notify you if your dog breaches the Fence Boundary or if the Battery is running low.


Two Havahart® Wireless Collars will work at once with The Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence system, enabling you to train and contain two dogs!


Havahart® Wireless Collar

Radial Fence System Collar   The water-resistant Havahart® Wireless Collar includes a radio transceiver with advanced antenna assembly built directly into the Collar Strap, a rechargeable Battery and two correction Probes (which deliver the correction to your dog).


Average Collar fits neck sizes: 14 in - 26 in

Small Collar fits neck sizes: 10 in - 17 in

Weighs: 4.2 ounces


What does Water Resistant mean? 


The Havahart® Wireless Collar is water-resistant which protects the Collar from light rain and splashing in puddles, but is unable to prevent damage caused by submersing the Collar in water.


Collar Correction

Radial-Shape Collar Correction 400 Feet

We are dog owners too and believe that you should be able to choose which correction level is best for your dog.


Our System allows you to select either a Tone-Only correction or a choice of 5 Static corrections. 

There are additional built-in features to help enforce the behavior of your dog:


The Collar’s safety time-out feature stops the correction cycle after 30 seconds. After the correction cycle times out, your dog will NOT be corrected for returning to the Roaming Area.


The Collar will revert to the normal operating mode only when your dog is back inside the Roaming Area.



Additional Features


   The Wireless Controller is also equipped with the following features:

  • Boundary Challenge Alert--Alerts you when your dog has breached the Fence Boundary.
  • Battery Status Monitoring--Communicates a low Battery signal.
  • Integrated Motion Sensor Technology--Conserves Battery life when your dog is not active.


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Wireless Fencing Definitions


We are spouting off terminology that you might not be familiar with. So here are a list of common terms used in defining Wireless Fencing products. 


Roaming Area

Roaming Area   The Roaming Area of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence is the area of your yard where your dog is free to roam and play safely. The Roaming Area is surrounded by the Trigger Zone.


Trigger Zone

   This area, which may be 6 to 13 feet wide, is located at the edge of the Roaming Area and is the line of defense that keeps your dog in your yard.


A correction is triggered by your dog crossing into the Trigger Zone. The Controller will send a command to the collar to take action and correct (Tone-Only or Static - based on user settings). Where the correction is delivered inside the Trigger Zone is influenced on the speed of your dog as he crosses into the zone. If your dog is traveling quickly towards the Trigger Zone, the correction will begin earlier, to prevent your dog from breaching the Fence Boundary.






All wireless communication has limitations. When the fence bases have an obstructed view of the fence boundary, the resulting shape of the containment area can bow or dip inward or form a jagged edge.


This instance is called 'Attenuation'. Having attenuation in your fence boundary causes your wireless controller to not receive communication about where your fence boundary is, or the trigger zone.


Attentuation can be caused by a number of objects, including aluminum siding, air conditioners and heavily wooded areas.  The closer the obstructing object is to the trigger zone, the greater the interfering effect it can have. This could cause your fence to work inconsistently from your intended use.


Additionally, the more dense an obstructing object is (i.e. wooded area), the more severe the dip or shaping effect of the trigger zone. The wireless controller is unable to communicate the signal through the heavily wooded area.


But remember: Just because you have an obstructing object doesn't mean a wireless fence is not right for your property, it will just change the intended shape of your fence to enable the communication between the wireless controller and the trigger zone to be optimal.




If you have a property with several attenuating objects, please contact us with your concerns and questions. We can help you decide which fence is right for you and your dog.


If a wireless fence is not the ideal solution for you, we have an underground dog fence that is able to work on any property type.



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The Science Behind


Havahart® Wireless, after years of testing and development, has engineered a wireless dog fence that gives your dog the freedom and safety to enjoy your entire property.


Our Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences are capable of outperforming any other wireless fence system on the market and boasts technology not found in any other product.


Discover exactly how we keep your pet safe with our wireless dog containment technology.




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Havahart Wireless Wireless Dog Fence

Havahart® Wireless Dog Containment - groundbreaking technology that translates into the most advanced and reliable wireless dog fence in the industry.

Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence Manual

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