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How Our Fence Free Wired Underground Dog Fence Works

 Just because your property doesn't permit a wireless fence, doesn't mean your dog can not have a roaming area to play. This is when our Fence Free in-ground dog fence is the perfect solution for you and your dog!






What is the Fence Free Underground Dog Fence?

Our underground dog fence is perfect for any home


If a wireless pet fence doesn't work for your property, you are not out of luck.


There is another solution to provide your dog with an area to play and roam, while being protected from the dangers located outside the comfort of your yard.


The Havahart® Fence Free In-Ground Fence System uses intelligent electronics to help keep your dog within the boundaries of your yard and provide them with the maximum playing area.


The Fence Free Underground Dog Fence System combines with your dog training to teach your dog to stay within your property boundaries and protect your dog from the dangers associated with exiting your yard.


The Fence Free in-ground dog fence can cover 1/3 acre, but add the additional Havahart® Accessory Kit, and you can extend your containment area the whole way up to 13 acres, providing your dog with the maximum play space.


Wireless Collar:


The Fence Free In-Ground Dog Fence uses a combination of audible tone and/or corrective static stimulus through the collar, worn by your dog. As dog lovers, we think you should be able to provide the correction YOU want to provide to match your dog's temperament.


The correction issed through the collar is to be used in conjunction with your training program to keep your dog safe and within your fence boundary.


Warning Zone:


Taking into consideration the temperament of your dog and the size of your yard, you can also adjust the boundary signal width of your fence (also known as the warning zone).


The "warning zone" on either side of the buried wire is where your dog will begin receiving tone and/or static correction. You can set the boundary signal width of your fence to be 3-24 ft allowing you the flexibility to personalize it to your dog's temperament.


Requirements for Use:

Can be used for any dog over 6 months

The collar and system are made for use on dogs over 6 months old, weighing over 8 lbs. The system will work for any coat type.


How the Correction Works:

Our #1 goal is to protect the safety of your dog. Our correction works to reinforce your training to your dog and prevent them from exiting the property.


When the dog reaches the edge of the boundary signal, you will hear a warning tone that will last as long as the dog remains in the warning zone.


If the dog moves away, the tone shuts off.


If the dog continues toward the boundary, an initial low-level static stimulus occurs. If the dog still continues toward the boundary the level of correction that you set will be administered.



Multiple Correction Levels:

The collar receiver contains six levels of correction- tone only or static correction (5 levels) with tone. You can set this level of correction to individually suit YOUR dog. Your dog learns where they are able and unable to go within the boundaries of your yard.


Safety Features:

  • Run-Through Protection: When your dog runs towards the boundary, first a warning tone is emitted; if your dog continues towards the fence, the collar will emit another warning tone accompanied by a low level warning static stimulus; if your dog continues towards the boundary, he/she will receive the full level static stimulus that you have set. The factory default setting is the lowest level.
  • Over Correction Protection: If your dog becomes "trapped" or "confused" in the signal field, this feature limits stimulation. It does this by stopping the static stimulus after 10 seconds and not accepting any additional signal from the fence for 30 seconds; therefore stimulation of your pet is stopped. The collar will automatically revert to normal operation after this 30-second window.


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Fence Free Underground Dog Fence Components



Fence Free System


The wall-mount transmitter features an easy to set and easy to read control panel.


The Power and Loop light offer constant confirmation that your fence is working properly. The transmitter includes an A/C adaptor plug as it's power source.


On the transmitter, you can also set the signal field width. This is the area on each side of the buried wire that activates the warning tone and static stimulus level on the collar. There are 5 field width settings (from 3 ft - 24 ft) which you can adjust based on your yard size and temperament of your dog.


The signal field is displayed digitally in the LED window.


You can easily set your system to accept extra collar receivers. Each collar can be set to its own correction level, allowing you to have an unlimited number of dogs trained and contained within your yard boundary!



Collar Receiver

The collar receiver is water resistant, meaning it can provide protection from light rain and mild splashing in puddles but unable to handle submersion of the collar.


Fits neck sizes up to 30 inches.


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How to Install


Installation of the Fence Free Underground Dog Fence is easy. Just plug in the fence transmitter in your home or garage, and run a wire from the transmitter throughout your property.


The wire will need to be buried underground. The Fence Free in-ground dog fence system covers 1/3 acres, and expands up to 13 acres with additional wire.


This video shows just how easy installation is for your yard!




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Compare Underground Dog Fence Systems


Take a look at the features and benefits the Havahart® Wireless Fence Free Containment System gives you over the competition!


Compare Fence Free Containment System 



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Havahart Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences - groundbreaking technology that translates into the most advanced and reliable wireless dog fence on the market.


Fence Free Instructional Manual

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