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Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

How Our Custom-Shape
Wireless Dog Fence Works

Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

At Havahart® Wireless, we value your dog's safety!


Havahart® Wireless offers the latest in wireless technology, which maximizes your dog's freedom and safety, while requiring minimal effort, investment and impact on your property.

Our Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence keeps your dog safely within the boundaries you've set. This fence also features wireless technology utilized by NASA and includes safety features such as a correction time-out and in-home boundary breach alerts. These two elements, safety and technology, provide your dog with the largest containment area to roam and play safely. This wireless dog fence contours to the unique shape of your property, capable of enclosing an area up to 25 acres.  





What is the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence?


Custom-Shaped Wireless FenceHistorically, the only option in wireless pet containment was a circular (Radial) shape containment area. The problem is that most yards are not circular, potentially limiting the amount of space in which your dog has to run.


The Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence allows you to create a boundary that fits the unique contours of your property.

This custom-shape fence is capable of enclosing an area up to 500 ft. in any direction without digging wires or incurring installation costs.

Best results are based on the fence boundary and bases having an unobstructed, direct line of sight to one another. No object (shed, or other building) can obstruct the signal between the bases and the fence boundary.

The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence is ONLY available here on www.havahartwireless.com.


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Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence Components:

The Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence System has the following key components: a Wireless Controller, 4 Bases and Wireless Collar



Wireless Controller

custom-shape touch screen fence controller


Featuring intuitive navigation, the Havahart® Wireless Fence Controller provides easy setup, activation and management of your Wireless Dog Fence.


This Controller communicates to the Bases, which in turn, communicate the signal to the Havahart® Wireless Collar.


Because we value your dog's safety 
Our Wireless Fence Controller tracks your dog's location throughout your yard. More on that here. The Wireless Controller also enables you to monitor when:

  • Your dog goes outside of the Fence Boundary.

  • There is a problem with a Fence component during setup.

  • The Battery life of the Collar is running low.

Your Fence setup begins by using the Wireless Fence Controller to communicate to each Base, adding them to the System. With the Controller in hand, walk the flag line around your property to record your Fence Boundary.

For full instructions, please refer to the full Havahart® Wireless Custom-Shape Wireless Fence Instruction Manual »


Custom Wireless Fence Bases



The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence  features 4 Bases total: 1 Master Base and 3 additional Bases. The Bases house the transceivers, which enable them to communicate with one another and identify the location of your dog within your yard. If your dog begins to venture close to the Fence boundary, the Bases communicate with the Collar to deliver a correction. This keeps your dog safe!



trigger zone

Your Fence Boundary/Trigger Zone should NOT be closer than 20 feet to ANY ROAD, SIDEWALK or THOROUGHFARE for your dog's safety







Havahart® Wireless Collar

Havahart Wireless Collar


The water-resistant Havahart® Wireless Collar includes a transceiver, and communicates multiple times per second with the Wireless Controller.


The Wireless Collar also features a rechargeable RCR123 Battery and two correction Probes.


The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence has the ability to manage up to 2 Havahart® Wireless Collars simultaneously, each of which can be programmed to a correction level suitable for the age, size and temperament of each dog.


Fits Neck Sizes: 14 in. to 26 in.

Weighs: 4.2 ounces


The Collar can be programmed to Tone-Only (auditory correction) or one of 5 different Static correction levels.


What does Water-Resistant mean?


The Havahart Wireless Collar is water-resistant which protects your collar from light rain and splashing in puddles, but is unable to prevent damage caused by submersing the collar in water.



Collar Correction

Real-Time Tracking of Your Dog


You should be able to choose the level of correction that is best for your dog, which is why these Collars enable you to choose either a Tone-Only correction or one of 5 Static corrections. 


If your dog reaches the Fence Boundary or an Exclusion Zone, the System will send a command to the Wireless Collar to take action to correct (Tone-Only or Static – based on user settings).


In order to keep your dog safe and reinforce training, the correction experienced on our Wireless Collar is not constant, but rather is a repetitive pulse, to reinforce the corrective behavior.


    The Wireless Fence Tracker


    This web-based application for your Custom-Shape Fence is designed to show you approximately where your Wireless Fence Boundary and Exclusion Zones are located in relation to the Fence Bases.

    • This tool can be used by you and our Consumer Care specialists to troubleshoot potential problems in the Fence communication and Boundary.

      wireless fence tracker

    • Requirements for using the Wireless Fence Tracker include updated Java drivers and high-speed internet. Additionally, you may need to download the latest USB drivers to your computer.

    • To access the Wireless Fence Tracker, log onto My Account and click Wireless Fence Tracker.

    • Click here for more tips on the Wireless Fence Tracker and troubleshooting potential problems.


    There are built-in safety features:


    The Collar’s safety time-out feature stops the correction cycle after 30 seconds. After the correction cycle times out, your dog will NOT be corrected for returning to the Roaming Area. The Collar will revert to the normal operating mode only when your dog is safely back inside the Roaming Area.



    Additional Safety Features

       The System is also equipped with the following additional features:

    • In-Home Boundary Breach Alert--Alerts you when your dog has breached the Fence Boundary.
    • Real Time Battery Status Monitoring--Displays a low Battery signal on the Collar through the Wireless Controller.
    • Motion Sensor Technology--Conserves Battery life when your dog is not active.


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    Wireless Fencing Definitions


    Here are some common terms used in defining Wireless Fencing products. 


    Roaming Area

    Roaming Area

    The Roaming Area of your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence is the area of your yard surrounded by the Trigger Zone (or Fence Boundary) where your dog is free to safely roam and play.



    Trigger Zone 

    This area, which may be 6 to 13 feet wide, is located at the edge of the Roaming Area and keeps your dog safely in your yard. When your dog enters the Trigger Zone, the Wireless Controller communicates to the Wireless Collar to issue a correction. The correction can be set to Tone-Only (auditory alarm) or repetitive pulse (Static correction).


    The speed of your dog as he crosses the Trigger Zone will influence where the correction is delivered within the Trigger Zone. The definition for the Trigger Zone is consistent for both the Havahart® Wireless Custom-Shape & Radial-Shape Wireless Fences.




    Exclusion Zones

    Exclusion Zones


    Do you have a pool, lake or garden that you want to keep your dog out of?


    One of the added features of our Custom-Shape Dog Fence are 'Exclusion Zones.'


    Exclusion Zones are targeted areas where you wish to restrict your dog’s access, such as a large garden, pool or patio. The Exclusion Zone must be at least 12' x 12'.


    An Exclusion Zone must be at least 20' from another Exclusion Zone, the Fence Boundary or a Base. Exclusion Zones are optional and may be added either during or after the initial installation process.


    Up to 4 Exclusion Zones can be created.





    All wireless communication has limitations. When the Fence Bases have an obstructed view of the Fence Boundary, the resulting shape of the containment area can bow or dip inward, or form a jagged edge.


    This instance is called 'Attenuation'Attentuation can be caused by a number of objects, including aluminum siding, air conditioners and heavily wooded areas. The closer the obstructing object is to the Trigger Zone, the greater the interfering effect it can have. This could cause your Fence to work inconsistently from your intended use.


    Additionally, the more dense an obstructing object (i.e. wooded area), the more severe the dip or shaping effect of the Trigger Zone. The Wireless Controller is unable to communicate the signal through dense obstruction.


    But remember: Just because you have an obstructing object doesn't mean a Wireless Fence is not right for your property, it may simply change the intended shape of your Fence Boundary.



    If you have a property with several attenuating objects, please contact us with your concerns and questions. We can help you decide which Fence is right for you and your dog.


    If a Wireless Fence is not the ideal solution for you, we have an underground dog fence which can work on any property type.


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    The Science Behind


    Havahart® Wireless, after years of testing and development, has engineered a Wireless Dog Fence that gives your dog the freedom and safety to enjoy your entire property.


    Discover exactly how we keep your pet safe with our Wireless Dog Containment technology.




    The Custom-Shape Difference (What Sets Us Apart)




    In order to track your dog's location within the Roaming Area, our systems use trilateration.


    When radio signals are sent from the antennas of the Bases, they propagate in a spherical manner. When at least 3 Bases provide 1 common point of intersection, the Wireless Fence System is able to accurately pinpoint the real-time location of the Collar. Because each of the Bases is at the same relative height throughout the home, the intersection of the 3 spherical signals is known as trilateration.


    Event Stamp Mapping

    As the Controller moves along the flag line, the Master Base records each trilaterated point of your Wireless Fence, thereby memorizing the location of the entire Fence. This process of memorization is known as event stamp mapping. Event stamp mapping allows you to create a Wireless Dog Fence of virtually any shape and dimension. This groundbreaking technology changed the Wireless Fencing industry and allows your dog the freedom to roam safely around your entire property.


    Exclusion Zones

    Exclusion Zones

    The Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence System can create Exclusion Zones that are recorded inside the Roaming Area to keep your dog out of designated locations.





    Trilateration, combined with event stamp mapping, enables the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence to track the location of your dog in relation to the Wireless Fence Boundary. This allows the System to know when your dog crosses into the Trigger Zone, deliver a correction, and alert you of the Boundary breach.


    These enhancements provide an unparalled level of technical sophistication in the Wireless Dog Fence industy.


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    Havahart Wireless Electric Dog Fence

    Havahart® Wireless Dog Containment - groundbreaking technology that translates into the most advanced and reliable wireless dog fence on the market.


    Get the Custom Shape Wireless Fence Manual

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