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Troubleshooting the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence


A wireless fence allows you to create a containment area for your dog to play with no digging and burying wire, and no hiring a contractor. The Custom-Shape Wireless Fence transmits the fence boundary through wireless communication with the anchors. The Custom-Shape Wireless Fence is also in constant communication with the Wireless Collar so when your dog enters the trigger zone, the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence sends the necessary correction to the collar.


Since you are unable to physically see the fence boundary, troubleshooting the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence to create the ideal containment area for your property could appear to be a daunting task.


This section was created to walk you through potential troubleshooting questions and help you provide a safe and reliable containment area for your dog. Click on any of the below links to go to that particular section.


Setting Up Your Bases
Activating Your Bases
Setting Up Your Fence Boundary
Wireless Collar Troubleshooting
Additional Troubleshooting Questions



Setting Up Your BasesCustom Placement

  • The best choice to place your Bases is on windows or outer walls in the furthest corners of your home or attached garage, a minimum of 20 feet apart. Increasing the distance between the Bases will increase their tracking accuracy
  • Inside your home, DO NOT place the Bases within 3 feet of metal objects, such as mirrors, microwaves or home appliances.
  • Outside your home, DO NOT place the Bases on walls that have electric power meters, air conditioning units, metal grates/ fences, downspouts, or large trees or bushes immediately outside the wall. Move Bases so that they have clear, direct line of site through your yard.


Position all 4 Bases at the far corners inside of your home and near a power outlet (including the attached garage if it applies).
  1. Install the Master Base A first. To identify it from the rest of the Bases, the Master Base A is labeled as suchBase 20 ft away and is the only Base to have a USB port on the bottom next to the power port.
  2. Position Master Base A (labeled as such) in an outer corner wallnear the area where your dog spends most of his time outdoors (see Illustration A). Make sure a power outlet is nearby.
  3. If you’ll be using the Wireless Fence Tracker for fence confirmation or troubleshooting, the Master Base A needs to be within reach of your computer.
  4. Using the removable wall-mount adhesive strips or screw & wall anchor, mount the Master Base A on the appropriate wall, approximately 6 feet off the ground or at eye level. Do NOT plug in the Master Base A at this time.
  5. Attach the other 3 Bases to outer walls in the remaining farthest corners of your home or attached garage, approximately 6 feet off the ground or at eye level. Do NOT plug them in at this time.

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Activating the Bases:

  1. Be sure the power outlet you choose for your Bases is not controlled by a light switch.activating bases
  2. Once all the bases have been attached to the walls, it is necessary to add the Bases, one at a time, to the System starting with the Master Base A. Plug the Master Base A into the power outlet.
  3. The indicator light will flash green to show that Master Base A is powered on. Do not plug in the other Bases yet.
  4. Touch the screen of the Controller to turn it on and press “Get Started”
  5. Press “System”
  6. Press “Complete” to add the Master Base A to the System, and its indicator light will stop flashing green and turn solid green.
  7. Walk clockwise to the next Base to the right of the Master Base A and plug it into a power outlet. This will become Base B. After the indicator light turns green, press “Complete” on the Controller to add Base B to the System.
  8. Walk clockwise to the remaining 2 Bases and repeat Step 7 to activate them
    (see Illustration C).

Activating Base Errors


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Setting Up Your Fence Boundary / Trigger Zone


Placing Fence Boundary Training Flags: ( See Illustration E )
  1. Place the blue boundary flags in the ground, 10-20 feet apart from one another to establish the desired perimeter of your boundary. You do not need to place flags across driveways.
  2. When selecting the location of your Fence Boundary, always keep in mind the 6 - 13 foot Trigger Zone that will surround your Boundary.
  3. Using the Controller, select “Fence” from the main menu
  4. Select “Add Fence”
  5. Once you have confirmed that all flags are in the proper position, press “Complete”

NOTE : These flags represent the desired location of your wireless fence. Be sure that the flags form an enclosed area and that your house is inside the boundary.


House Flag Setup


Recording Your Fence

When recording your Fence Boundary, keep the Controller over the flags at all times. The Controller should be between your body and the Bases in your home, so that your body does not affect the signal and cause the boundary to shift

  1. Starting at the first blue flag, hold the Controller at waist level over the flag, wait 5 seconds and press “Record”
  2. Walk the flag line at a SLOW deliberate pace until you reach the last blue flag and press “Done”  Slow down coming around corners. Stop for 1 second at each corner if you want the system to make a sharp corner point.
  3. A Congratulatory screen will appear. Press “NEXT”.

Removing the Fence Boundary/Trigger Zone:

Should you have the need to remove your Fence Boundary (you add another building to your property or simply want to change your Fence Boundary), follow these steps:
  1. Using the Controller, select “Fence” from the main menu.
  2. Select “Remove Fence”
  3. Press “Yes”. A Congratulatory screen will appear briefly and return you to adding a fence.

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Wireless Collar Troubleshooting


Setting up the Collar


Having trouble setting up the Wireless Collar? Follow these tips to help set up your collar and add the collar to your Custom-Shape system. battery installation

Installing the Battery

  1. Make sure one of the provided batteries is fully charged before installation. 
  2. Remove the battery cap by using a coin and turning the cap counter-clockwise to loosen the cap and then pull the cap off.
  3. With the positive side of the battery facing outward, install one of hte provided RCR123 batteries into the collar.
  4. Replace the battery cap and turn it clockwise with a coin to lock it into place

Activating the Collar

  1. Position the Collar near the Master Base A.
  2. Select “Collars” from the main menu
  3. Select “Add Collar”
  4. Press “Next”
  5. While gently shaking a Collar to keep it awake (a green light should flash every second), press the Collar that you would like to activate

collar activation

What do the lights on the collar mean?

  • The collar is always "on" when a fully charged battery is installed. However, the collar will enter 'sleep mode' when not on your dog and inactive. Our Integrated Motion Sensor Technology allows the collar to conserve battery life when available.

light chart

Adjusting the Correction Level of a Collar

  1. To adjust the correction level of a Collar, first select “Collars” from the main menu
  2. Press “Edit Collar Correction Level”
  3. Press Collar that you wish to adjust
  4. Press “LEVEL UP” or “LEVEL DOWN” to adjust the correction level to the desired setting -- 5 being the highest correction level and 1 being the lowest correction level
  5. Press “APPLY” and a Confirmation screen will display briefly and then return you to Collar Options

Fitting a Collar

  1. Be sure your fence is turned off at the controller
  2. Follow this video for fitting instructions

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Additional Troubleshooting Questions

Question: The Trigger Zone appears to fluctuate... Why?
Answer: This is normal. The Trigger Zone can be 6-13 ft. wide as a result of interference from other objects. (see Property Obstructions). Where the Collar delivers a correction is influenced by the speed and orientation as your dog crosses the Trigger Zone.

Question: What is the Wireless Fence Tracker and how do i access it?
Answer: The Wireless Fence Tracker is not required to set up your system, however, it can be used as a troubleshooting tool that can aid in the installation and testing of your fence boundary. Click here to find out more about the Fence Tracker and how to access it.

Question: The collar is beeping everywhere... What is wrong?
Answer: Make sure the  Collar has been property added to the controller (see Wireless Collar Troubleshooting). If the situation persists, it might be property obstructions causing a communication issue. (see Property Obstructions)

Question: The collar is beeping in the middle of the yard... What is wrong?
Answer: The collar may beep when it loses signal from the controller. This could be caused by Property Obstructions. (see Property Obstructions).

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