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Comparing Dog Fences?

There are many options in the market today for dog fencing. These products can vary in cost, time commitment and ability to be customized. They range from a simple circular wireless fence boundary that for many properties will adequately contain the desired pet area, to customizable wired and wireless fence options that fit properties with unique shapes and layouts.

The charts below show features of both Radial Fencing and Customizable Fencing options. The products being reviewed are Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape Select and Custom-Shape Select products, Invisible Fence® in ground fencing and the Pet Safe® Wireless and in-ground fencing options.

Compare Custom Dog Fence Options

Havahart Wireless
Custom-Shape Select Fence
25 Acres
Water Resistant
Invisible Fence Brand
Fence Free In-Ground Fence
Pet Safe
In-Ground Fence
Cost $1,200 $169.99 $179.95
Coverage 1 Acre 1/3 Acre 1/3 Acre
System Wired Wired Wired
Functionality Manual Digital Manual
Installation Professional DIY DIY
Digging Required Yes Yes Yes
Rechargeable Batteries No No No
Portable No No No
Collar Water Proof Water Resistant Water Proof

A majority of properties have unique shapes and layouts that cannot be contained by a simple, circular boundary.

For these properties there are a variety of options - at all levels of price and time commitment. Many brands, including Havahart® and Pet Safe® have in-ground fence options that require the owners to bury an electric wire in the shape that is desired for the property type.

While lower in price, the option requires a time commitment by the owner to install the fence.
The Invisible Fence® Brand has a wired fence that can be professionally installed. Pricing will be based on the area the owner wants to cover. Another option to in-ground wired fencing is Havahart® Wireless. This option is a self installed product that requires no digging.

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Compare Wireless Radial Fencing Options:

Havahart Wireless
Radial-Shape Select Fence
11 Acres
Collar & Base
Collar & Base
Water Proof
Tone + Five
Pet Safe
Wireless Pet Containment
Pet Safe
Stay + Play
Cost $299 $349
Coverage 1/2 Acre 3/4 Acre
Functionality Manual Manual
Boundary Challenge Alert Collar Collar
Battery Monitoring Collar Collar
Rechargeable Batteries No Yes
Collar Water Proof Water Proof
Levels of Correction Tone + Five Tone + Five

If your property layout can support a circular fence your options fall primarily in the wireless electric dog fence category. Each product covers different distances and features, so you will need to determine what is most important. In certain cases some property types are not conducive to wireless fence product. Properties that have Aluminum siding or metal buildings will not be successful with a wireless signal. In these cases it is recommended to install an in–ground wired fencing system.

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Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape Select, Custom-Shape Select or Havahart® Fence Free should not be confused with Invisible Fence®, Invisible Fencing® or PetSafe®. Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are products and registered trademarks of Invisible Fence, Inc. PetSafe® products are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation

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