December 17, 2010

When you purchase a wireless fence, it can be a chore to train your dog to understand their new boundaries. However, following these tips will make it an effective and productive experience.

Once you have set your boundaries with flags, you can begin electric dog fence training. If you have two dogs, it is important to train each one separately.

Before each session, play with your dog within the roaming area to keep the training fun. The first step is to introduce the borders to your dog. Walk along the flag boundary and when approaching a flag, shake it and say “Bad flags” then lead your dog into the boundary and praise him.

When you introduce the new collar, start with tone-only correction first. Repeat the boundary walk, shaking the flags and saying “Bad flags”. This way your dog associates the tone with the flags. You are ready for the static correction step when your dog automatically turns away from the flags when you approach them.

Set the electronic collar to the lowest static correction level. Be sure to walk around with the collar inside the roaming area before approaching the boundaries. After each static correction, lead your dog back into the roaming area and praise him. When you feel your dog is understanding, and ready to be off the leash, be sure to supervise and monitor what he does. Allow him to be outside for a short amount of time at first.

Electric dog fence training usually takes about two weeks. You should plan on two to three sessions per day. Keep these sessions around 15 minutes long.

Havahart Wireless’ fence features a rechargeable collar battery, one tone-only correction level, five static correction levels, and a very timely boundary challenge warning.  The fence spans the largest boundary in its class and its boundaries are more stable than other wireless fences.  It is a great option for large areas, allowing your pet more freedom if you have a larger yard.

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