December 19, 2011

As many of us approach the winter season we tend to spend less and less time outside, which results in our dogs spending less and less time outside. Additionally, the holiday season causes us to be busy and on-the-go and doesn’t always let us spend time with our dogs, as our schedules generally permit. Make sure your pooch stays healthy and safe during this hectic time of year with these tips!

Dogs need to be walked daily, so make sure you, as the owner, dress appropriately for cooler temperatures. Add an extra layer and your dog will thank you for being patient enough to spend time with them outdoors. Every so often walk very briskly to get your dog’s heart rate (and yours, too) up which will intensify their activity and give them added benefits! Furthermore, you’re not the only one that needs layers. Dogs, especially those with short hair, can get very cold outside. Outfit your dog with a sweater or jacket to provide warmth while being outdoors.

The holiday season presents a number of potential hazards for your dog. An overwhelming amount of food is generally passed around, left out, or kept on counters and can present a danger if gobbled up. Chocolate can often cause extreme sickness, even comas, where other “people food” can make your dog sick. Use caution when storing cookies, candies, and leftovers and make sure that if you do set food on the counter that it is far back enough so that it is out of reach.

Guests come and go during the holidays which means dogs have a higher chance of getting out the front door without supervision. Training your dog on a wireless dog fence will keep him protected from running into a dangerous situation and will save your family potential heartbreak during the holiday season. Wireless dog fences have advanced technology and are designed to maximize the freedom and safety of your dog, with minimal effort, investment and impact on your property. Check out Havahart Wireless’s Radial Option!

Do you have tips on keeping your pet safe? Share them with our Facebook community at! We wish you and your pet a safe and happy holiday season!

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