November 1, 2012

Dogs are known to be the best friend of man even till date, besides this, man uses dogs as his basis of security, some dog breeds can be taken to the farm for hunting, as some are positioned in a compound to run a query on strangers. As friendly as dog is, that is how dangerous dog had become.

Dog is the most easily manipulated animal in the world, various breeds can had been locally crated by simply crossing another animal another dog breed with one another? Some dog breeds had been created that really looks like a threat to certain countries; I bring you a list of dogs that has received a ban in certain countries.
Around the 80s, there was a breakout in the attack of Pit Bull Dogs and other similar breeds, this led to a wider bans in some dog breeds. The Japanese Tosa Inus, Fila Brasilieros, Pit Bulls and Argentime Dogos was banned by the UK parliament in 1991, so many countries also followed this legacy.

5 most banned dogs

American Bulldog

These dogs are prohibited around Denmark, Singapore and some other provinces, the origin of the American Bulldog is from the deep south, where they were employed as farm dogs. This breed is an expert in feral hogs catching that weighs more than a hundred pounds having savage tusks. The Bulldog fights the hogs and hold it down until the hunter arrives, their pain threshold is very high and they usually weighs around 70 – 100 lbs, as many may even be larger.


This are large dogs that is used as night guards on properties, the modern is never a purebred, as various crossing had been made among which are the American Pit Bull and different mastiffs. The aim is to produce a dog that has the mastiff size and the strength of the APBT. The dog weighs about 80 – 150 lbs. The Bandogs are prohibited everywhere and even the parents breeds had its restrictions in certain places.

Neapolitan Mastiff (Neo)

These dogs originate from Italy, where they were used as gladiator dogs. The Roman legion also employed them as war dogs, they find a job in protecting homes in today’s live. They have a very different appearance, and the biggest male can weigh up to 200lbs. the skin looks wrinkle, loose with hanging jaws. If you have watched Harry Potter, the Neo is the Hagrid’s pet Fang. They are prohibited in Singapore, and Romania will hand you a certificate of psychology fit before allowing you to have one.

Wolf Dog

The Czechoslovakian WolfDog is a mix breed of the German Sheppard and the Carpathian wolf. This breed is thought to have a behavior like a Wolf and could be dangerous, it has an high affinity for prey catch and could not be good as a pet, children has been victims of the WolfDog attack. You cannot raise this dog in Norway.


A South African origin and looks like the Athletic Bull mastiff. This dog is an excellent home guard but may be over aggressive, but loves children. They averagely weigh 150 lbs and are hated by the Denmark government.

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