Summer Safety Tips for Dogs, Havahart Wireless, dogs

The dog days of summer have arrived! You’re all set to start adventuring with your pooch and spending more time outside doing things you’ll both love. Here at Havahart® Wireless, we want you to have an excellent summer with your … Read Entire Post

November 20, 2012

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Everyone knows about Paris Hilton’s dog, Tinkerbelle. She is almost as popular as The First Dog, the Obama family pet that lives in the White House. Bo is a Portugese Water Dog. With the former canine, … Read Entire Post

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November 1, 2012

Dogs are known to be the best friend of man even till date, besides this, man uses dogs as his basis of security, some dog breeds can be taken to the farm for hunting, as some are positioned in a … Read Entire Post

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