What is the best part of summer? Vacations! Whether you’re going to Cabo San Lucas, New Hampshire, Orlando or Los Angeles, there is guaranteed sunshine and relaxation! However, oftentimes when you go on your vacation, your pup ends up all alone, lounging around the house, and if he is lucky he may get a walk or two. Because more and more people hate leaving their dogs alone, there are a plethora of Doggy Vacationing options that are available. Now you can give your dog the summer camp of his dreams!

The Luxury Suite

The Spectacular Luxury Dog Holiday: the $73,000 vacation for your dog!

This vacation includes chauffeured rides from the Paw Season’s Hotel driver. A suite with a big screen TV to watch his favorite movies, a personal chef, local and countryside beach walks for doggy ice cream, surfing lessons, hurdles sessions, spa massages, pedicures, and fluff wash and dry. And of course, a luxury wardrobe complete with Louis Vuitton collars.

Hollywood Pet Hotels is another, less expensive luxury suite, boarding and grooming option for your pet. One of the luxury chauffer options is to have your pup picked up in a Ferrari!

The Luxury, yet Affordable Pet Boarding

For an average of $42 a day, your pet can have a luxurious 8’ x 8’ suite with a raised cot and blanket. He will be fed daily and have treat time twice daily, three exercise sessions plus a swimming lesson, daily play and brushing, and access to watch your pup play via the FurCam.

Other options are to pay for ½ days or weeks at a time. Most boarding facilities will offer play time, a nice bed and grooming with the package.

Vacation With your Dog

For those of us who can’t imagine leaving our pup for an entire week of vacation, there is also the option of taking your dog on vacation with you! Many hotels are now dog-friendly, and will even provide chauffeurs for your dog, in case you choose to go while he naps! Many options have no fee for the dog to stay with you, as well as fun activities you can plan for the both of you! This includes: kayaks with a doggy seat, off-leash pet friendly beaches, and a dog/human spa experience!

In fact, there are even vacations that are meant for your dog- that you’re invited to! More than 300,000 people show up to Woofstock, a peace, love, and biscuit outdoor festival that includes: dog speed dating, stupid trick contests, and charities such as “Running of the Pugs”.

No matter which option you choose, whether it be an expensive trip for you and a luxury trip for the pup, or a pet boarding and play time, or a vacation with your companion- you and your pup are bound to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation this summer!

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